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  1. Many thanks - something worked as it is much better now.
  2. Thanks both for the replies. I reset and then followed the instructions set out by Herco. I can't be sure what did it, but it's much better now. Cheers!
  3. Hello, Totally new to photography. Got an XT4 as entry point wanting to learn. As a starting point I've just used everything on auto. Set stills to highest quality (but not using RAW). When I take film, it's awesome great quality, just what I'd expect. If I take a still of the same scene the results are totally different. Colours way less vivid, almost washed out and cropping loses quality quickly, like it's way lower res. I've scoured the internet for what I'm doing wrong - but I'm out of my depth very quickly. I was just expecting 'decent' images with everything auto. Most tutorials I've watched don't really explore everything auto. Using a Fujion XF 18-55mm Lens. Any guidance on where to start? Many thanks! PC
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