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  1. 1. Ignoring a different market because of existing users is being short sighted. 2. They all show my same point hence why I shared them. You clearly don't understand the common reason why each clip was chosen.
  2. I currently have an X-T1 and I've been tossing up what I should get for my next camera. I've been getting more into video and so that's become very important. Just researching and literally watching EVERYTHING available it is clearly obvious that the X-T2's video needs more work. These are some of the best footage I could find Yet compared to Sony's A6500. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euoycGBzIhU There is just a clear lack of clarity and there is a weird loss of detail with running water but then a moire/digital sharpening look on sticks/fences/wires. Yes Sony has far more experience with this and XAVC-S is a great codec yet Fujifilm are known to listen to their customers. So as a Fuji user who wants to stay with Fuji. I can only ask (if they're not already) to really work on their video quality. Even F-Log shows the lack of detail so it's clear that the process from sensor to output is where the issue is. Pretty much the only thing holding me back from selling all of my Fuji gear and getting the Sony A6500 is that Sony's telephoto options are just ridiculous.... I love my Fuji 55-200mm and I'm finding it strangely difficult to part with. The rolling shutter looks to be an issue that I'll run into a lot with the Sony. Finally I really do hope they can remove the crop factor from the 4k video. No doubt that ties in with the downsampling but I can only hope.
  3. 1. better video with more in-depth settings, allow video to be affected by highlights/shadows/NR/colour settings.
  4. It's definitely an improvement. I've also noticed my CPU isn't being taxed as much, I hope that the fine-detail update is imminent
  5. Funnily enough, the one thing I was really interested in was the video. The X-T2 sounds like a winner for me, I'm glad I trusted my gut instinct and resisted the X-Pro2
  6. Nik Collection is now free. I wasn't using Lightroom very much with my Fuji files since the performance was laggy and the sharpness just looked off no matter the methods I tried. So I installed Nik collection and I use the Sharpener Pro 3: RAW Output (right click your image and put your move over EDIT IN in the Develop module). It then creates a .TIFF file to be edited. Now I don't get mushy grass and the files react more like other camera RAW files. Here are 100% crops below Nik Collection Sharpness at what it sharpens to by default. Lightroom Sharpness with Amount: 25, Radius: 1.0, Detail: 100 and Masking at 0 Also, since the files are now .TIFF, Lightroom handles them faster than it does with .RAF (on my machine anyway) The biggest negative with this is the extra HDD it eats up. Until Adobe release the fine detail update, I will be editing this way however. Get it here https://www.google.com/nikcollection/ Edit: I forgot to show the full image.
  7. I'm sure this will get fixed with a firmware update. I've noticed it on the X-Pro2 that we have
  8. The waxy effect occurs from ISO 3200 and above. X-Pro1 apparently has a more subtle transition in tones and not the waxy effect in ISO 3200 and above
  9. Changing the X100T successors focal length would piss off a lot of people.
  10. Finally Adobe will probably release their fine detail update by then as well
  11. I've had my 23mm F1.4 and the only time I want the 16mm F1.4 is for photos of my food.
  12. I like it, but a pop up EVF would have been great....
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