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  1. I was thinking about this today and it occurred to me that I could use one of the seven custom profiles as a 'reset' in effect, just as you described. I just set it up and it works fine. Appreciate your reply - thanks!
  2. Hi Guys, Long time photographer, first time Fuji user. I just picked up a new X-T4 (running latest firmware 1.22) and have come across an issue using film simulations. I have set up some custom recipes I found on the Fuji X Weekly website which work great, but when I go to select one of the stand simulations such as ‘Provia Standard’ all of the customisation are being remembered by the camera. For example, I’ve set up the 'Cine Teal’ recipe which is very heavy on the green/yellow: https://fujixweekly.com/2020/06/08/my-fujifilm-x100v-cine-teal-film-simulation-recipe/ If I then go into the menu and select the ‘Provia Standard’ built-in simulation, it looks almost identical because all of the highlight, shadow, sharpening, clarity, grain effect, etc settings are being remembered from the custom simulation I set up. I would have thought selecting ‘Provia Standard’ or any of the built-in simulation would reset the values to their defaults. Am I missing something? Thanks for any advice! T
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