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  1. Gave me a good impression on darktable, without having to install it on my PC. thanks!
  2. Hi all, Bought my XT4 april 2021 (Belgium) and also regularly experienced some freezes. I have updated firmware 2 times over the past year, and after updating to 1.25 I did NOT experience any problems any more. Now its working fine and stable for about 4 months... Regards, P.
  3. Hi, i have the same problem, my xt4 freezes at random moments. This happened before and after the software upgrade! A few times after remote access bu alsof at random moments. Already two times the camera was frozen at power-off, but still consuming battery power. So then my camera becale overheated and battery was empty after a time. I mentioned this at the sales point already after one week but no reaction.... (belgium). I am wondering if there are also some people NOT suffering with this problem???
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