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  1. By default, the rear command dial rotates to zoom in and out of the selected image during playback. Zooming all the way out goes from full image, to images taken that day, to all images. The front command dial below the shutter button goes back and forth from picture to picture, you can scroll through all the pics on the card. Using a manual lens while shooting, the rear command dial, when pushed, zooms in and turning it gives you smaller or larger zoomed in view. Then the front command dial does third steps shutter speed, whereas the rear dial does this when not being used for zooming in on manual focus. Seems a little confusing, there is probably a way to change it, but I don't know how. Hope this helps.
  2. To be fair, Sigma are planning to introduce more X mount lenses. Also to be fair, they been teasing this for quite some time now.. but anyway.. Since the equivalent FoV Fuji and Sony mount Sigma are the same price at $899USD, and the Sigma Art lens is pretty chonky, I guess we'll see how this plays out when we get the new 23mm f1.4 Fuji in hand. Can also verify Fuji BQ and weather resistance in the rainy PNW, so I don't know if the Sigma is up to that challenge. (That's not a sleight against the Sigma-I genuinely don't know how good their WR is).
  3. The RP is "full frame" like all those '90s era stereo receivers that were "digital ready." Its made of plastic, not WR, its DR is poor, AF nothing special; its sensor tech is generations behind even for Canon. It lacks IBIS, in addition to anything like the full scan 4K of the X-T4. A more apt comparison would be to the R6, which is a pretty compelling camera-except for the part where it's most of a grand more than a T4. And then there's RF glass which, while optically stellar, makes Fuji lenses seem downright thrifty in price. Fuji makes really great APS-C cameras, and really great medium format cameras. Lots of companies make really great full frame cameras, so I think Fuji is in the right to go the way they are.
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