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    First photo with s-x10.
  2. Greetings one and all, My name is Ron and I’m new to the Fujifilm world. Just bought a X-s10 and love it. Been around cameras my whole life. Just recently sold all my Sony cameras and lenses. Back in film day used to use Kodak and Fujifilm. Don’t want to lug all the stuff around anymore, that’s why the x-s10 and 16-80 set up. Big shout out to member rickc for helping me set up my camera. Do mostly all still shooting presently. I look forward to learning from each of you . on a side note looking for recommendation for a shoulder bag for my camera and a few extra batteries and accessories. Thanks and good shooting. Ron
  3. Thanks for the response. Now to find the camera for sale somewhere and in stock! Ron
  4. Greetings one and all, New to Fuji cameras. Looking at either x-s10 or t-3 with 18-55 or 16-80 lenses. I wear glasses and would like to know from those that have used these cameras which view finder works best. I don’t have a store near by to put my hands on one soon. Your input is greatly appreciated. TIA Ron
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