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  1. Fujifilm has at least one power zoom lens as well: the XC 15–45. But even with that lens, the zoom is controlled via a ring on the lens itself, not through the camera. The Micro Four Thirds power zooms function the same way. - K
  2. It seems like this thread is basically dormant, but I wanted to share a project I've been working on along the same ends. I started documenting the lenses that are (or were) available for the Fuji X system in a spreadsheet. I began this just to try to help myself keep all of the various options straight, but I realize that it might be interesting to some of you as well. Fuji X lenses (Google Sheets) It remains very much a work in progress, but I think it's complete enough to share at this point. As of today it includes 190 "stills" lenses. There is a second sheet that contains another 19 "cine" lenses, but this is much less of a comprehensive list — I frankly don't have a lot of interest in these lenses. I've tried to consolidate the various Chinese lenses as much as I can so that a lens that is sold under multiple brands (e.g. Zonlai, Meike, Kaxinda, Jaray, Hengyijia, etc.) is listed only once. But with the incomplete (and sometimes incorrect) information in listings for these lenses, this is a bit of an inexact science. If anyone is aware of lenses that are missing from this list, or if anyone has feedback on how to make this resource more useful, please let me know. - K
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