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  1. Hello forum, I've recently purchased a fujifilm x-s10 and I've been stuck on one issue. When shooting video, I would like to be able to use manual focus only. I have the camera set to M and I'm hitting the red video button to begin recording. In the menu, I have focus set to 'manual'. I've got manual focus to work great for stills, but when I switch to video, the camera wants to auto focus (ie... subject is centered and in focus >>>when I move camera off subject, it auto focuses on the background). The auto focus is very good, but I occasionally get a little bit of focus hunting during video shoots. It's only a small amount, but to me any focus hunting ruins a video and is not really acceptable. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to force the x-s10 to only focus manually during video shooting? Thanks in advance! ~Andrew
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