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  1. I've not yet had the chance to build a linux(ish) box to try this (I doubt a modest RPi has the necessary horsepower) but I take your point completely concerning port clogging on shared usb devices at high bandwidth. I will persevere, because it is an interesting project. I suppose HDMI out to a decent quality converter is probably a much simpler, off-the-shelf solution, subject to the same usb caveats. At the risk of sounding like a broken record though (for those of us who remember them) all of this could probably be resolved with a small firmware tweak by Fuji. I live in hope.
  2. Thanks for the response, much appreciated, and it looks like I need to go and do some exploring with gphoto. Hopefully that will provide some level of functionality, although it does seem our efforts to tether the X-T30 could be greatly streamlined with a little help from Fuji!
  3. Hi Jerryy Interesting, and I’m glad that you found a method to support X-T30 video capture. My experience has been far less positive and I would appreciate any thoughts you may have. Firstly, I found that the introduction of webcam support in firmware 1.40 did allow me to use the X-T30, but only in limited applications. For example, when connected and configured as per Fuji instructions, the camera would be recognised and usable with Zoom video conferencing. But, it was not available as a generic webcam to any other apps. For example, VLC could not pick it up as a functioning source. Also, websites where I granted camera access could not obtain any image from the camera. I have not applied the 1.41 firmware update as the release notes didn’t seem to indicate any further webcam functionality. I am not sure that the lack of webcam support on this camera is a ‘windows’ problem as you suggest, but I suspect it is a crippling of functionality within the X-T30 firmware to maintain differentiation of features between this camera and other Fuji models. However, I would be happy to be proved wrong! You mentioned your experience of additional webcam support in firmware 1.41 and successful image captures with gphoto2, I would be very interested in this – can you let me know what functionality you get with gphoto2 and X-T30 because I see on the gphoto.org website that it doesn’t seem to have any support for this model? Thanks in advance
  4. Ok, here is a serious example of just how frustrating this crippled X-T30 tethering problem is. I have just tried to obtain a covid vaccination certificate/pass from the UK Govt. NHS website. Part of the identification process requires you to submit a video. Unfortunately the website is unable to access the X-T30 camera. End result, I'll have to go and borrow a webcam from someone tomorriow - or maybe just trade for Canon ..
  5. I’d just like to add my voice to that of other X-T30 owners who would appreciate the ability to tether this body. I moved from the Pentax stable and although I did examine the specifications of various fujifilm models, this didn’t include checking connectivity – perhaps naively, I just assumed that all modern cameras could tether… I have been checking firmware updates and forums for any news on this for some time. The x webcam functionality is tantalising but more frustrating than useful, because it shows how close we are to a proper solution. It seems to me that whilst there are a few users posting about this lack of functionality, there are probably many others like me, who just wait in the hope that it will arrive some day.
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