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  1. Yes, it works fine. But from memory l needed to assign it to the control knob. The option choice allows for it to select film simulation in manual and exp comp in auto.
  2. Sandy, using exposure compensation in full manual mode would make no sense - just adjust speed, aperture or iso as required. But if you have iso scrolled down to an auto setting then exp comp should be available. Simon
  3. I asked Fuji UK. They confirmed it cannot be done if using back button focus. They said they have raised it with Fuji head office. Maybe next firmware update..... Simon CT
  4. I use back button focus the same as Sany. It's interesting that the actual ISO might be visible in half-shutter press mode as Greybeard suggested. I really don't want to change from back button focus but might get round to testing Greybeard's idea sometime..... (Glad I mentioned that irritation now).
  5. Wow, as you say, easy when you know how. It works a treat so thank you Catsaregods for replying. Simon
  6. I use cable release often. I changed the setting for the microphone jack to remote shutter and bought a very cheap on Amazon cable release which had the matching connector. It seems the socket in other Fuji cameras is a different size so the Fuji remote won't fit X-S10, but mine works perfectly. Simon.
  7. Mine worked fine, no bother at all.
  8. I've been using mainly manual exposure, very occasionally shutter or aperture priority, since I bought this camera, but now want to use Auto ISO and can't seem to set it up. My old Pentax had TV, AV andTAV modes along with manual. that's shutter (time) priority or aperture priority with the ISO value fixed, and what they called shutter and aperture both adjustable and auto ISO. I have managed to set the Fuji to do this. (Though it's a little annoying that the ISO chosen isn't shown on the screen - instead it always shows the chosen maximum possible). However, what I cannot find how to do is set an exposure adjustment along with this, for example -1/3 stop (or one step of ISO) to avoid blown highlights. Maybe someone here knows the secret or can confirm it cannot be done? Simon
  9. Oops, sorry folks, I can see the specs say it does. Must have been a memory error - mine, not the cameras!
  10. I noticed this sound on my X-S10 right away and assumed it was IBIS. I was confused later when I switched IBIS off and still heard it, but didn't let it worry me. So thank you for the explanation. Robnl's post is a bit odd though, because the X-T4 does not have IBIS. So perhaps that isn't the full story....
  11. I should have explained. If I remember correctly, you enter the new file name you want (I found this fiddly) at the select folder stage. It isn't created till you take the next photo, which will store in it. After that you can select either folder.
  12. You can do this but I don't recommend it. You would need to remember to manually make a new folder each day, month or whatever, and the file number restarts from 1 in each folder. That screws up my way of filing the files on the Pc and without extreme care the new files will over-write older ones. I found that out the hard way.
  13. I agree with all that's been said above, hence my decision to buy XS10 rather than XT4. The reputation of Pentax was that if it got covered in mud you could wash it under a running tap. I never tried that but was happy to use it in briefly in heavy rain and desert sandstorms and never had a problem. I wouldn't be that confident in such circumstances without weather sealing and would use poly bag and chamois even in less extreme conditions. It's often the small doors covering SD slots, batteries etc that aren't sealed, and some times cable and microphone or remote shutter sockets have no cover at all. Sealing a pop-up flash isn't easy either. Worth protecting those points if you're out in weather you want to protect yourself from.
  14. SimonW

    New to Fuji

    Hi Rickc, (This time I noticed the spell check removing the last c. Sorry I didn't last time). I traded all my Pentax kit except the KS2 and 18-135, which covers most situations for backup, and still use it, mostly in rain or blowing sand where I wouldn't risk the Fuji, or maybe any other expensive new kit. Yes, I agree about the OVF, and I do find the live histogram much more useful than taking the shot and chimping. (I never really liked using a rear screen for taking shots except for those occasions where the camera position forces me to). Cheers, Simon
  15. SimonW

    New to Fuji

    Rick, I only just found this thread and can see all your questions have been answered. I too came to the XS10 recently after using Pentax SLRs since 1969, and of course Pentax DSLRs later. Really just welcoming you here. I set my XS10 similar to yourself except I do prefer the lens aperture ring. I still can't get used to having to switch the camera on before focusing and zooming, when with DSLR I very often did that first, before deciding whether the shot would be worth taking. That habit probably came from starting with film SLRs. I tried both XT4 and XS10 before buying and much preferred the latter's handling, my only concern being its lack of weather sealing, because that was always a Pentax feature I found I could trust. Cheers, Simon
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