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  1. I know that there are a couple of threads but they have not clicked with me. I just got a basically new XP1. I have wanted one for a while for the sensor and look. I am normally a motorsports/ sports shooter so I am used to an SLR/ DSLR and the RF thing is really perplexing to me. I use the OVF as much as possible. I have the 23/2 on it and my first shots on AF were off. Focus square where I want it to be, green to confirm focus, and then either front or back focus. So, I go to the menu and find the parallax boxes option so now I have a solid white box, a dotted/ slotted white box, and a green box. I now attempt to focus on something about 5 or 6 feet away from me. There is a gap between the white boxes. I place the solid white box on the subject, confirm focus with half push (AF-S) mode, green box lights up but it is not where I placed to focus point. Push shutter and I miss focus. It is either very sharp in front or behind. I have used a film rangefinder and the manual focusing (aligning "spots") is really simple. This is driving me nuts. Where I place the focus square seems to have no bearing on where the camera actually focuses (green square). What am I doing wrong here?
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