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  1. ok i'm answering myself 🤣. https://www.fujirumors.com/mark-this-date-next-big-fujifilm-announcements-on-the-answer-now-on-fujirumors/ see you on September 2 ... We finally have an announcement date ... more than a few sleeps 😇
  2. It's been a while since the announcement appeared on the Fuji Rumors blog and since ... nothing! no announcement of presentation or announcement of an event that could give us hope. While during this time things are moving on this focal length (33 ~ 35mm) with the arrival of a Laowa Argus f0.95, a viltrox f1.4, a Tokina f1.4 and even a voigtlander f1 .2 ... I would not be surprised moreover that Sigma announces its next landing in X mount in its conference of August 6 with this type of focal ... and on the Fuji side nothing ... I admit that I am waiting for the right one to replace my 35 f2 with a faster one and I would like it to be a fuji but it is getting long there ... Does anyone know more?
  3. Hello everyone, I fell into the fuji world almost two years ago when I wanted to change my old Pentax APSC for a full frame 🤣, because I was convinced to take better, more detailed photos, etc. ... with a full format. I cannot thank enough the seller who invited me to discover the brand via a fujifilm x-factory convention ... Since then I fell in love with their cameras and I bought an X-T3 as a kit with a 18-55 which I have completed over time with a 90, a 35 f2 and recently the 50-140. I even did a trick on the third side with a wonderful Laowa 65 f2.8 macro. It is natural that I follow the fujiXrumors blog every day in order to be informed of the information before the official announcements and that I discovered this forum. If I could make one wish right now ... that my theory be confirmed 😁 ... The release of a super bright triptych 18, 33, 56 in anticipation of a new generation of unique sensor (which I hope will be the famous CMOS OPFs so long awaited for more than 10 years 🤞🤞🤞). Well the 18 is already there, remains the 33 which is long overdue and the 56 seems to be under study, remains the biggest pieces, the OPF CMOS sensors> do not break my dreams please. Otherwise, I hope to make some great discoveries on this forum. See you soon >>> Charles
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