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  1. Possibly ... but I WAS able to view the FW version number every time with no problem ever. I'd remove the battery and then put it back in. Then I would start the PRO 2 holding the "back" button. The screen fired right up displaying the information. I figured that process would be different from the normal process. I'll keep your suggestion in mind for after the warranty expires. Right now expect a perfect working camera for a whole year.
  2. Sighhh ... I put my order for a PRO 2 in the day it was released in January and received the camera in March. For the last month I have had this issue where I can't turn the camera on completely. I turn on the camera and the screen exhibits power on function (a dim light), the lens does something and then NOTHING. Can't turn it off or do anything. Initially removing the battery would fix things, but things got worse. It would take several attempts to start the camera. Switching batteries and switching memory cards and memory ports did nothing. Finally I can't turn it on. I have used my camera with manual focus lenses, but mostly I use FUJI AF glass. Don't know if that was a contributing factor or just that fact that it was an early of the assembly line body. I delayed sending the camera back because I wanted to catch some last days of beautiful fall foliage. The camera is now in Edison, NJ at the FUJI facility. Luckily I have the FUJI PRO 1 as well, so I should make it without too many withdrawal issues. I will wait patiently for a fix rather than accept a fast solution FUJI offers - a rebuilt or camera of equal value. I baby my equipment and would rather fix something I know that was treated gently. I just thought I'd post this for information purposes.
  3. I prefer Fujifilm's X-T10 which adds a built-in flash. It weighs less, too. The X-T10 skips the optical finder and otherwise has the same practical performance as this X-Pro2 — for less than half the price WOW - that is just nuts. Ken's favorite camera seems to be whatever his mood may be in a given month. I bet he is pissed that FUJI did not give him an advance PRO 2 to review. Well I do like the pretty pictures of cameras and lenses Ken has on his website. That part is informative if you can ignore his idiotic conclusions.
  4. That's what I'm talking about. Same or better quality - except a slightly reduced price - like $500 tops. Leica's $1800 price tag upsets my stomach too much.
  5. I don't understand the size thing. Folks say the 23mm isn't going to be smaller. How did FUJI manage to get the 27mm as small as it is. Isn't it possible to get close to that size ? Any lens engineers out there know the answer ?
  6. I'd like a 23mm lens. Question is, will the f2 be as sharp or sharper than the f1.4 ? WR would be great, but not critical.
  7. Ahhh ... thank you for that little bit of info. Seems a waste of power for me since I ALWAY forget to turn my camera off. It's set to 2 minutes. In answer to the heating up of the PRO 2. I haven't noticed any extraordinary heat, but then I don't do any long photo sessions like the pros do. .
  8. Pay all that money for a new PRO 2 and then make it look old ? I could just buy a beat up old PRO 2 and save a ton of money. Next thing you know they will buy new lenses and scratch them up a bit (ouch).
  9. Doesn't the PRO 2 camera power OFF automatically after a certain amount of idle time like 2 minutes or 5 minutes ?
  10. I'm not saying there are no problems. Just saying it's not easy to put out a camera without faults. It's easy to be critical and for some it's a way of life to be critical. You know a lot of PRO 2 owners it seems. My PRO 2 seems to be an exception in that it works great.
  11. Little late here to your testing party. Cameras are getting more complex. Fuji installed a whole new menu system. If for example just the menu system had 4 selections, you would have to test 24 combinations (factorial of 4). Now lets just up that to 10 selections possible on the menu system. Now you have 3,628,800 combinations to test (factorial of 10). Now we all know there are more than 10 options in the menu and we all know the camera has a lot more things besides the menu to test various combinations involving hardware and software. It's a complex animal. I say we should appreciate the work FUJI does and appreciate what's involved in testing every possibility.
  12. Thanks for feedback. Used the FULL EDIT that allows attachment upload.
  13. Hmm ... how does one add a picture to display here ? Seems fair -- two dog pictures - now this with 35mm/f1.4 mounted on the PRO2 (That PRO2 focuses fast - WOW)
  14. DPR review was fair. I love the PRO 2 coming from an E-1. It's a huge improvement for me. I suspect that folks who upgrade with every new FUJI body released may not see as big a difference and not find their purchase as satisfying. For me ... love the fast tack sharp accurate focus and the higher resolution. That resolution makes images pop.
  15. X100 , E-1, and just acquired PRO2 Love all my cameras. The PRO2 focusing is damn accurate and very fast. Love the colors too - they seems more solid & richer. It was worth the price. So far have only tried the 35mm/1.4 on the PRO2 56mm and 14mm are next.
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