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  1. rickc

    New to Fuji

    Hi, SimonW, Sounds like we have similar likes and dislikes, and perhaps shooting styles, because even though I have five good k-mount lenses (2 primes and 3 zooms), the lens that spends the most time on my Pentax was the DA 18-135mm WR. If I was traveling light and wanted to carry only one lens, it was always the 18-135mm. And again, your point about WR is a very good one, so your backup sounds perfect! I, too, am not good about using the rear screen for taking shots. Like you, I only do so when I am forced to engage the articulating function of the rear screen; otherwise, I use the EVF (old school). I'm not a person who spent a lot of time chimping with my DSLRs' back screen, but am quickly getting use to the EVF for this purpose with the mirrorless Fuji. Regards, rick
  2. rickc

    New to Fuji

    Hi, Simon, Thank you for your comments. Did you keep your Pentax gear, or have you gone "all-in" with Fuji? I kept my Pentax gear, as I have more k-mount glass than I plan to get for the X-S10. I'm using the Fuji with the 16-80mm as a travel friendly, versatile setup, which has been working out very well. We'll see if I end up leaving the Pentax home permanently and slowly add more Fuji glass. Your comments about the OVF versus the EVF are interesting. I was concerned that I would really miss the big OVF provided by Pentax, but so far, it hasn't been too much of adjustment. Another noteworthy difference for me favoring the Fuji is the better autofocus. You are correct about the weather resistance of the Pentax, which I always found reassuring. Of course, there are other minor differences between the two systems, but nothing that's too difficult to handle. Most importantly, both Pentax and Fuji, in my opinion, provide great image quality. Because it's a new toy, I've been shooting with the X-S10 more than Pentax, but someday I should shoot them side-by-side for a comparison. I'm really happy with the X-S10, and it sounds like you are, too. Happy shooting! Cheers, rick
  3. Hi, Ron. I also wear glasses and chose the X-S10 as my first Fuji camera. (I have shot Pentax for many years). One of my first concerns in mirrorless cameras was using the EVF versus the Pentax OVF. I haven't used my new Fuji enough to definitively say I'm good with the EVF, but so far, so good. I do like how the screen and EFV toggle on/off as your eye approaches the eyecup. You might want to check out the following for a comparison of the X-S10 versus the X-T3. https://cameradecision.com/compare/Fujifilm-X-S10-vs-Fujifilm-X-T3 Good luck! rickc
  4. rickc

    New to Fuji

    Thank you to those who provided input. After spending more time with the X-S10, the bottom line is...it is very flexible in terms of setup! If you find yourself saying, "wouldn't it be nice if..." in terms of setting up the camera, chances are you might be able to do it, or at least get close. This is my first Fuji, so I don't have experience with the other X-T cameras with the more traditional dials. It's been written by the expert reviewers that the X-S10 was really designed to attract other brand's DSLR users more accustomed to the PASM dial over to Fuji. As one of those relatively rare users of Pentax DSLRs, in my case I can say if that's what Fuji was aiming for, it worked. I am enjoying the X-S10 and looking forward to spending more time with this great little camera!
  5. rickc

    New to Fuji

    Hi, Jerry, Yes, that works...thank you! Last picky question. Can the front and back camera dials be programmed for either clockwise or counterclockwise operation? I appreciate everyone's input to get me up and running on Fuji camera functionality! rickc
  6. rickc

    New to Fuji

    Hi, David, Thank you for the input. I gave your suggestion a try, as that would be a helpful feature. On the X-S10, however, I don't believe the front dial can be depressed. Ideally, it would be most comfortable and familiar to me if the front and back dials could control aperture and SS, respectively. But to get auto ISO, it looks like I have to use the aperture ring on the lens with SS on the back dial, which is something I can quickly get used to. Again, I appreciate the suggestion. Regards.
  7. rickc

    New to Fuji

    Hi, DaveC, I took your advice and decided to reset the top left dial to ISO, and used the three AUTO settings to vary the highest level (800, 3200, 12800). Combined with the M setting, this works pretty much as I'm used to, except for the following: 1. Aperture is set with the ring on the 16-80mm lens, not with the front dial on the camera. The back dial sets shutter speed. This works fine for me, but again, with Pentax, I had the front dial on the camera set to control aperture, whereas I don't think the X-S10 can do this. Overall, though, using the aperture ring on the lens is just a small adjustment for me. (Reminds me of the old film SLR days.) 2. When looking at the EVF, the highest ISO number of the AUTO setting in use is displayed. As the shutter is depressed and the picture taken, the actual ISO used for the shot is then displayed. This works pretty well, although I think a continuous ISO value display would be nice. Overall, the X-S10 is very versatile and a joy to use!
  8. rickc

    New to Fuji

    Hi, DaveC. Thank you so much for the really valuable information...very much appreciated! On the power off/on, I guess I was being a little too impatient when pressing the shutter. On the auto ISO, I'll definitely give it a try, as that's a pretty important one for me. I have found that the ISO button and joystick pretty easy to reach while looking at the EVF, so maybe there's no reason to reassign the top left dial. With only a little time spent with the X-S10 so far, I have found the AF and image quality outstanding, as you noted. Even with the challenges of learning a new system, it's been fun getting to know my new toy! Again, thank you for responding to my inquiry. Pentax Forums is a valuable source of information for Pentax users, and it's nice to know Fuji X Forum can provide similar advice and support. Cheers!
  9. rickc

    New to Fuji

    I am new to the the Fuji X ecosystem, having spent a number of years shooting with Pentax DSLRs. I wanted to try a mirrorless system, so after doing quite a bit of research, I settled on the X-s10 with the 16-80mm zoom. I have been working through the X-s10's menus to set it up as close as possible to how I like to use my Pentax cameras, but have the following questions: 1. In the area of power management, I set my new Fuji for auto shutoff after a certain period of time. With Pentax, touching any button (for me, typically the back focus button) after the camera shuts off turns the camera back on. Fuji doesn't seem to work the same way, as it seems like I have toggle the on-off switch to get the X-s10 to power back up. Is this correct, or am I missing something? 2. With Pentax, my favorite setting is TAV, which means I set the aperture and shutter speed using the front and back dials, with ISO automatically adjusted. Is there an equivalent with the X-S10? I appreciate any advice anyone has regarding setting up the X-s10. I am thoroughly enjoying the X-s10 for a number of reasons, although having spent so many years with Pentax cameras and their menu systems, it does take some work to get use to a new camera. But it's certainly been a enjoyable experience!
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