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  1. Ok, thanks for all this info Jerryy...it helps me get a handle on fuji raf and jpeg files. Sorry for tardy reply. It has been one of those kind of weeks... kind regards m
  2. I’m a little baffled by fujifilm’s raw/jpeg files. I bought an older x-e3. Was curious to try. With the tiny 27mm lens. The old model. Bought them both used. First thing ; I set it up to shoot b&w jpegs ‘Fine’ plus the raw file. When I import into Lightroom the jpeg and raw file are b&w. I’m using Lightroom 10.1.1. I did a test and imported the same files to Capture 1 21 and Capture one did import the raw (raf) files as color. Is there a spot in the Lightroom preferences to ‘choose’ this? I’ve been looking and can’t find anything. I do have treat jpegs as separate images checked. Second : I don’t understand the fujifilm raw import. There doesn’t seem to be a naked, neutral fujifilm raw file imported. In Lightroom it always comes in as one of the film simulations. It’s not like a Nikon raw file, or Olympus, where you get their raw file. A base, neutral type file to work from. Also, Capture 1 shows ‘eterna’ as a choice for a film simulation. That doesn’t appear in Lightroom’s Profile section. I think I’d prefer to use Lightroom. I know it better than Capture 1. Also, for the initial post process work, I’m not seeing a big difference in Capture 1. Any help with this appreciated…I’m enjoying the x-e3 body. Shooting with it is fun. Thanks in advance. Morris short ps. Truth be told I first bought an x-e1 but the speed of the thing was a bit too slow for me. Nice camera. I was also curious about the other film simulations. And the newer body does have a wider gamut for making adjustments. Quote
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