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  1. Solved! User Error! I had somehow changed the auto white balance to +9R. Another case of looking through the viewfinder with rose colored glasses. 😊
  2. Thank you for the clarity. I guess I was assuming that the Provia / Standard in camera and in LRC should be at least close to each other? Is that not true or is something else going on? I can adjust temp and tint (+80) to get it close but it seems extreme.
  3. New to fuji and no luck with searching. Shooting RAW with Provia / Standard. Sunset colors have a beautiful purple hue. Importing into LRC with same preset or adding preset after the fact are not even close to what's in camera. Acros b&w imports as it should retaining camera settings. Photo Mechanic shows colors same as in camera. Any ideas? Solved: Auto White Balance was accidentally set to +9
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