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  1. Hey all, Thanks for all the replies. The fix was to switch the Exposure preview setting off which as suggested, I have now assigned to My Menu. Thanks again, much appreciated!
  2. Hi, I have a very new XT-2 that appears to have a flash issue. It seems as though the camera does not "see" or recognise either the Fuji supplied EF-X8 flash nor my Nissin i40. I understand that there are potential issues with the i40 and have sent it in for a firmware upgrade but the EF-X8 behaves the same way. Difficult explanation - when I attach the flash to the camera, the camera's exposure status remains exactly the same as without the flash. Assume that in a darkened environment an exposure of 1/8 sec at say f5.6 were required to produce a decent exposure and a visible image on the LCD screen. Anything "faster" than that would result in an underexposed image and a dark LCD screen. So, typically this is potentially when one wants to throw a flash on at say 1/60 sec at f5.6. When I do this and at these settings, the image on my LCD will darken completely even though the flash does fire and does produce a decent result. If the camera is unable to detect a flash unit and in so doing compensate what is visible on the LCD screen, then how is one supposed to see what one is doing? I've tried every conceivable setting that I can imagine and still no joy. Am I doing something wrong or are there other such complaints - otherwise, whats the point of a flash?? Cheers and thanks for considering this one in advance!
  3. Hi there, The blind folded yaysayers can ignore the problem all they like. After owning the XT-1, XPro-2, XEs and the XT-2, I can assure you that the XT-2 files are noisy even at relatively low ISO and I am no pixel peeper! I recently did some street work at around 800 ISO and in a nutshell the results are terrible - especially when it comes to the skin tone / noise issue. Oh, and I only shoot raw with all in camera settings zero'd out ie noise etc. I don't understand why things like this become just defensive and divisive topics. Some of us the issue and other don't. Guess what, there's a potential problem, let's get it fixed and over with - sounds simple and easy to me! Cheers,
  4. Hey Fuji, Please, please give us 1) button assigned iso 2) Back button AF-On as per other manufacturers - it works and yours does not regardless of how it is set up! Come on Fuji, you can do it! Dequity11
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