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  1. @Olaf W. Thank you. Thanks your suggestion I realized that I missed "CHANGE" device button on WIFI screen. Now I can connect any device after change it in that menu. Thanks Lukas
  2. Hi. Im not sure what you mean. What smartphone connection? I connect to Fuji X-T3 WIFI hotspot from both Android devices. Of course, not at the same time.
  3. Hi When I pair first smartphone (LGG6 Android 9.0) with X-T3 camera, all works fine. But when I try to pair second smartphone (also LGG6 Android 9.0) It can't connect via WIFI in app. Wifi connection is active, but can't run "Live view shooting" nor "Import images selected to app". There is only connecting and nothing happen. Firmware is 4.10. After reset WIFI settings in camera again is possible to work with any first paired smartphone. Is it possible to work with more than one smartphone via WIFI with this camera? Any idea, anyone had that issue? Thanks
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