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  1. Already got X-E3 with 16mm/1.4, and it's nice combo
  2. Im fresh X-E3 user. Im shooting mostly in Aperture-priority Photometry is locked, i cannot switch between spot or centerweighted metering. Why it is this , is there other camera settings which blocks it?
  3. Apple Photos (formerly iPhoto) . Stores everything in the cloud and automatically removes from hard disk, saving space
  4. USB is USB. you don't need Fuji-approved cable. I use cable microUSB from my old mobile phone (which is a rarity now, more modern phones use USB-C connector)
  5. "Jura" is geological formation in Poland (aka Kraków-Częstochowa Upland) , which dominated by rocks and deep river gorges . It is popular local tourist destination, with hiking and biking trails, rock climbing facilities. Yesterday we did short hike with kids. The weather was fantastic, with mix of sun and short rain.
  6. Now i'm official in the Fuji X team 🙂 I was looking for black body, but it's rare and more expensive. This one was slightly used and I got it with great discount (demo camera from photo store), but in perfect condition - no signs of use at all, packed in the original factory package. I haven't figured out all the menu functions yet , but controlling exposure parameters is very simple and intuitive, just like in old-school film cameras. Love the simplicity!
  7. I know that CPL filters are crucial for DSLR, because linear polarizers may have negative affect on AF precision and performance. Not sure about Fujifilm X-E3 or other mirrorless camera. What polarizers do you use with Fuji X system cameras?
  8. it works! unfortunately highlighs are blown, but it's hard to do that kind of shot not overexposed w/o ND filter or multiple exposition. Or I dont know how to boost dynamic range. didn't dig camera settings. by the way, I found that X-E3 has panorama mode and it works pretty nice, stitching photos automatically
  9. I got X-E3 and 16mm F/1.4 today. I tested on my favorite model. Even on F/1.4 the lens is sharp enough for portraits, although 16mm is not very portrait-friendly focal length. Im thinking to get 27mm F/2.8 "pancake" for people shots and street/travel shooting.
  10. Im amateur photographer, I used films cameras a lot in the past : all kinds, randefinders (Bessa, Leica, Iskra, FED) , SLRs (Olympus OM, Nikon F, Minolta) , medium format Bronica SQ (still have it) , also user of digital Sony and Nikon systems . Most of that stuff is gone. But , last couple of years I totally switched to mobile phones, and this is boring..... phone cameras are good to post something to social media (and that's what mobile photo was invented for), but i dont feel satisfaction when I SHOOT with phones... I have one of the most sophisticated camera phones : Huawei P30 Pro which have manual modes and RAW, but it's all feels wrong and awkward to use. Im missing real mechanical dials and buttons, and that's the reason why I'm looking to Fujifilm X family bodies. I didn't choose camera (yet) form my needs, but more inclined into rangefinder-styled bodies (X-E3, X-E4 or X-Pro 2) with small set of prime lenses. That's similar form-factor to cameras I used in the film era.
  11. Im primarily shooter of landscapes and travel/nature photos which i do while hiking . I use tripod where it's needed but mostly shoot handheld. I decided to start from lens choice. Fujinon 16mm/1.4 probably the best lens which suit my needs. Also considering something in 21-24 mm range (not zoom). Im more inclined to rangefinder-style bodies (e-3,e-4,x-pro 2). All has its pros5and cons. Xe-3: pros: compact body cons: not weather sealed X-pro 2 pros: weather sealed, OVF (but i can't use it with 16mm probably), a lot if dedicated manual controls Xe-4:pros : compact, newer 26MP sensor (not sure it makes big difference with 24MP) and rotating screen (a bit irrelevant im not video shooter). Cons: less dedicated buttons, not weather sealed, poor grip (body is flat, no thumb grip) Autofocus speed is mostly irrelevant, because the stuff im shooting isn't moving. Nice addition would be focus bracketing or focus stacking in the body,or in camera HDR (but i use software on the computer anyway when i need HDR,so it's not that critical ) Am i missing something? X body lineup is really huge
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