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  1. Thank you for your answer jerry! So... USB-C to USB-C ---> no problem for both GFX 50r and X-Pro3 Then I have two USB-C to USB-A cables, both WHITE ---> one works slowly, the other one doesn't work with the GFX 50r but it does with the X-Pro3
  2. Sounds like a newbie question, but here we go! I am the proud owner of an X-Pro1 and X-Pro3, where I connected to my PC with a USB-C to USB-A cable to tranfer photos to my PC. Now I tried to do the same with the GFX 50r... and that didn't work. I was struggling for quite awhile figuring out what the damn problem was... and then I noticed only USB-C to USB-C works. Is that normal? Or should I be able to connect USB-C to USB-A? Thanks! D
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