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  1. A replacement doesn't make a lot of sense for me right now, given that I only use it as a secondary camera to my X-T4 in situations where I don't want to bring a full rig. I'll probably just end up using it with the LCD - it actually hasn't bothered me as much as I expected it to over the last month.
  2. Hey all, bought a used X-T3 body for $850 shipped over a Fuji buy/sell group on Facebook, all checks out and the seller was very professional. Camera shipped with original box and in essentially mint condition cosmetically, except for when testing it this afternoon I noticed that the direction arrow buttons (around the Menu/OK button) were "sticky," or felt like maybe there was some debris inside them. They were clicking reliably, but some clicks would feel soft and then others would feel crunchy/hard. My X-T2 doesn't have this issue, so I know what the d-pad is supposed to feel like. Strangely, if I sort of rapidly click each of the buttons maybe 10 times each, the issue completely goes away and then an hour or so later if I pick up the camera again it's back. It's nothing dealbreaking, and doesn't take away functionally from the camera, but I'm trying to see what kind of avenues I might be able to take to address it. Has anyone else had this issue? How did you resolve it? Is it a known problem, and may it get worse over time? Google didn't turn up any search results for the D-pad specifically being "sticky" feeling, only shutter buttons and joysticks.
  3. Hey all! Having the dreaded "halfway stuck" viewfinder curtain issue. The question is - to service? CAN I even get it serviced? I'm in the eastern United States. Should I check out third party repair options? If it's something that can be done for ~$150 or less I'd definitely love to get some more mileage out of this old guy Tried the usual tricks people post to remedy this issue - firmware, sd cards, light tapping etc, nothing fixed it.
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