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  1. I am very new to Fuji. I am really impressed with the color in these images and how sharp they are too! Can't wait to test things out as soon as our spring flowers bloom. Do you always use a zoom for flower photos and have you tried the 80mm Macro lens too? I bought the new 70-300mm and I wonder if it'll be as sharp as this. What aperture did you use?
  2. Hello! I just purchased a XT-4 and I am coming from being a lifelong Nikon shooter. I would like to setup my new Fuji with easy access to some of the most common settings. Some things I like to change quite a bit on my Nikons have been the metering modes and focus points and modes. I am sure there are other things that I might want, but I haven't really used it much yet. Is there a cheat sheet with a list of the recommended settings and customizable menu shortcuts? I am looking forward to learning much more about this camera. Thanks!!!
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