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    Golden Oxen got a reaction from claude in Fuji X-H1 – Your Opinion   
    Switched to my FujiFilm 18-135 with my new X-H1 toy about a week ago and cannot put it down.
    What a camera! What a lens.  Couldn't be more satisfied.
    Thanks to Uncle Kenny Wheeler for his accurate reviews of both. "When He Talks, I listen"
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Joe Dagostino Photo in Some street work in NYC   
    XPro 1 and XPro 2 used here.  35/1.4 and the 16/2.8
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    Golden Oxen reacted to mdm in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    X-E2 + 27f2
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    Golden Oxen reacted to HendrikOsula in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Morning Glow @Tallinn, Estonia by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr
    X-T2 + 50-140/2,8
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    Golden Oxen reacted to adzman808 in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    X-Pro2 and XF35
    It'll Soon Pass by Adam Bonn, on Flickr
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    Golden Oxen reacted to PAE in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    XT1 & XF23/2

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    Golden Oxen reacted to Hermelin in Streetphotography (open thread)   
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Koreashooter in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Dongdaemun, Seoul, South Korea with Fuji X-T1 and 27mm.

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    Golden Oxen reacted to fnordzwodrei in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Hello Guys,
    this is my first post - and the picture is from my first try in street photography, last weekend in Amsterdam. Needless to say - it was a blast.

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    Golden Oxen reacted to brusco in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Foggy morning.
    xe2 18/55

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    Golden Oxen reacted to Watcher24 in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Entlaufener Art Besucher by Christoph, auf Flickr  
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    Golden Oxen reacted to harry-angel in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Walking the streets of Kuala Lumpur just 3 days ago, so I could develop the pics only incamera and on my iPad...

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    Golden Oxen reacted to marcelo_valente in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Interesting point. I, sometimes, keep thinking about a title to put on my shots, because I feel weird about leaving the camera file name.  Never thought of just putting the location and letting the view figure out whatever they want.
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Anton C. in 2 hours, one XT2, and 12 shots   
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Ketsada UNs in About Black & White Photography   
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    Golden Oxen reacted to mrPeter in IBIS versus OIS on X-T4   
    I asked Fuji service Europe about IBIS/OIS:
    Has OIS priority with longer lenses because it is more effective for longer focal lengths while IBIS has priority with shorter focal lengths?.
    They answered: >> in practise you don't have the option to choose between OIS and IBIS. That means that both options work always together. The fact is when you use lenses with longer focal length the OIS has priority as of the reason you mentioned. This means the stabilisation measured in EV steps will not be so effective as the use of lenses with wider focal length.<< BR Henk
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Olaf W. in Film Simulations are Worthless   
    Just use JPEG plus RAW to get the simulation plus the „real scene“. You can even develop different simulations in the camera from a RAW.
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    Golden Oxen reacted to DarthMajinMo in Windows can view raf files natively   
    Hello everybody I don't know if it's new or old but I believe windows can now natively view raf files. This might not be as exciting to everyone as most prob use an application like lightroom to view and sort out pictures, but to me it's pretty big. It can view compressed and uncompressed in the explorer and photos app. Just got excited and wanted to share.
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    Golden Oxen reacted to docmartin in 23mm f2 and 27mm f2.8   
    27mm=40mm FF = very natural view, and the tiny Fuji 27mm is one of their best lenses.
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