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    Golden Oxen reacted to jlmphotos in Proportion of people who have never had a problem   
    I've only had one issue with ONE camera (Fujifilm S2 Pro) and that includes owning between 1973 and today:
    Minolta SR-T101 (my sister still owns it)
    Minolta X-E7 ( I still own it and it still works)
    Digital: Fuji 4900z 4.3 megapixel - outstanding camera
    Nikon 8700 8mp - never had an issue through sale
    Nikon 300 6mp - never had an issue through sale
    Nikon D700 12mp - Still use it and still works perfectly with over 200,000 images
    RB67 Pro Medium Format
    2 ea Mamiya 645 AFD Medium Format
    2 ea Yashicamat Twin Lens reflex
    Fujifilm S1 Pro - ONE of the BEST early digital cameras with gorgeous colors and a Base ISO of 320, 3.2mp
    Fujifilm S2 Pro.  The S2 Pro developed a bad sensor and Fuji in Edison replaced the sensor, and shutter free of charge with a. two day turnaround after I dropped it off.
    X-E1 - never had an issue
    X-T1 still own it.  Rubber grip started to come loose and I used gorilla glue to fix it
    X-T2 Camera took a salt water bath and self-destructed.  Not worth repairing per Fuji's repair estimate, sold for parts
    X-H1 - Still shoot with it never had an issue
    G50R and 100S. -- Haven't had an issue.  Fingers crossed I don't
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Blue Zurich in New here   
    One way to feel better about Fuji's menus is to use an Olympus for a while. 
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    Golden Oxen got a reaction from Blue Zurich in X-T5 telephoto Options   
    Hi, Bought a 70-300 mm Fujifilm zoom a while back on the
    good review of Dustin Abbot.
    Couldn't be happier, what a great zoom with super  image quality.
    Good price to for such a capable lens.
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Blue Zurich in X-T5 telephoto Options   
    I just returned from Yellowstone National Park with my 70-300 and a rented 1.4 TC. The combo was fantastic in many ways. Light, maneuverable, fast focusing in moderate to better light, fantastic IQ. 
    Here's a link to my Flickr account with that combo used in the wildlife shots and a few others. I went this route because I read time after time other shooters were happy with it over the 100-400. 
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    Golden Oxen got a reaction from jerryy in New here   
    Welcome. A wonderful camera is the X-T30 and priced right as well.
    Made the same move a while back and only negative was getting
    used to Fujifilm's camera menu.
    Top notch camera that does everything well. Hope your happy with it.
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    Golden Oxen reacted to jerryy in RAW & Jpeg file size ?   
    Well, no. Or maybe. It depends on things you can do now and on keeping your options open. On its own, there is nothing wrong with the 256GB cards, they are fine.
    That size should let you put over 4000 raw files on it before you need to move them over to your computer. Or roughly 3500 raw and jpeg files if you are saving both at once. However, if you get several smaller ones, you can swap them out if you are photographing an event, so that if something bad does happen to a card, you have not lost everything. Also, the smaller sizes usually are less expensive, so you can buy the faster ones for the day you decide to try recording videos — video need the higher speed cards, ones that are just fine for images sometimes have problems with video.
    Unless, of course you are intending to start recording videos right now and need the space. Or the place you are getting them from is having a sale on the larger ones.
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Spino in A Day At The Races   
    Some more...

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    Golden Oxen got a reaction from menachem in Has the X-Pro3 been a success?   
    A truly niche camera would be an X-Pro 4 that has no video features whatsoever, Zero
    A state of the art stills only camera would be a surprisingly big winner in my view.
    Why force folks like me to buy hybrids with so many camera models already.
    Do something really different Fujifilm, Please. Non video users are a part of the market to that no
    one is catering too.   
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    Golden Oxen got a reaction from markm7 in NEW 13mm f1.4 lens for Fujifilm?   
    Angry photographer Ken Wheeler just did a review on it.
    Says it is the very best and sharpest ever. Rates it a 10, only
    complaint is the price he says which is high for  Viltrox
    469 I believe and Ken said 360 more like it but highly recommended it as perfect.
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    Golden Oxen got a reaction from jerryy in Memory Cards For Fujifilm Cameras   
    Thanks Jerryy.     
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    Golden Oxen reacted to jerryy in Memory Cards For Fujifilm Cameras   
    That usually seems like it is the card tested by the person submitting the report. You can, in many cases, use the smaller sizes.
    There are some manufacturer’s cards that do not work well, usually that information gets discussed from time to time. Of course, some cards have not yet been tested with the results posted for consideration.
    Click on a camera and you will get a list of supported card sizes and for some cameras, a list of which manufacturer’s cards passed their testing.
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    Golden Oxen reacted to DavidJohn in Weather resistant (I hope)   
    I took the X-T5 out in a snow storm last night.   I sure hope the weather resistance works!  
    1/60 sec.  f2.8   2500 ISO  XF 8-16mm lens

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    Golden Oxen reacted to batian in XF30 2.8 Macro Review   
    Hi all,
    As always, just for those who are interested, here are a few thoughts in the form of a review, this time of the XF30 Macro.
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    Golden Oxen reacted to jerryy in Winter Landscapes   
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    Golden Oxen reacted to jerryy in Winter Landscapes   
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    Golden Oxen reacted to jerryy in Winter Landscapes   
    It snowed ...

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    Golden Oxen reacted to jerryy in Winter Landscapes   
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    Golden Oxen got a reaction from jerryy in 18-135mm vs 18-55 + 55-200mm   
    I am the happy owner of all three.
    Landscape is what I shoot mostly and if forced to pick just one
    it would be the 55-200mm. Just appears to give me a slightly greater number
    of nice looking images than the others. Nice and sharp for a zoom as well.
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    Golden Oxen got a reaction from Amandakv in 18-135mm vs 18-55 + 55-200mm   
    I am the happy owner of all three.
    Landscape is what I shoot mostly and if forced to pick just one
    it would be the 55-200mm. Just appears to give me a slightly greater number
    of nice looking images than the others. Nice and sharp for a zoom as well.
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    Golden Oxen reacted to jerryy in 18-135mm vs 18-55 + 55-200mm   
    Either way you go, your photos will not suffer, both combinations can easily deliver print-worthy images. If your budget is not entirely constrained, maybe toss the 50-140mm lens into the consideration.
    Is it possible for you to rent the groups for a few days or a week or so and test them to see which combination suits your shooting style, low light handling, focus speed, etc.?
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    Golden Oxen got a reaction from Canuck57 in Scathing Review of Fuji X-H2s   
    Ken owns every Fujifilm camera and most of the lenses including the Medium format line, if you wish to consider # of cameras owned as a guidepost to expertise.
    You have a different view than Ken on the camera and I'm glad your happy with it.   Regards, GO
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Patr in Scathing Review of Fuji X-H2s   
    Hello GO
    I thought Ken raised a few valid points and others which were fit for the floor mounted circular filing cabinet. But they were his points as he saw them so good for him.
    But irrespective of his views and his 4/10 rating, I bought an X-H2S and have to say that it is an exceptional camera. It is so fast, the subject detection system is phenominal and the EVF is in a different league to any of my FujiFilm cameras.
    I have it side by side with my beloved X-H1, a camera that was hewn from rock, and whilst it doesn't quite have that same 'feel' of indestructability, it is superbly made and tactile wise, a level above the X-H1. What I mean by that is the controls are well damped and responsive, the shutter button is less touch sensitive (ie doesn't fire at the lightest touch), and the control wheels, whilst not clickeable, are precise. The joystick is not as well positioned as the X-H1 but as I have only had the camera for two days, it will improve as my  muscle/brain memory kicks in. The extended grip is as good as, if not better than, the X-H1 and though still early days, I found the 100-400mm nicer to hold and use when on the X-H2S with or without either of the TC's.
    As for the charger, never got one with my X-T4 and yes it is tight of FujiFilm but I am glad that they spent the money on the sensor and the overall package. It shouldn't and didn't put me off but I see where he is coming from.
    PSAM is not a big deal for me, its on all my Sony's and on mylovely little X-S10 so it came natural to me. The C1-7 modes are just superb and if I had to trade the conventional dials just for this feature then I would...almost, as I still love the manual control nature of my other FujiFilm's. To be able to dial in my favourite settings and recall them at the click of a dial (and lock it should I wish) is fantastic and instant.
    I have a Delkin Black 150 Gb CFExpress card as well as a SanDisk Extreme SD Card. Never had a CF before, it makes the SD card seem pedestrian and even when on high speed bursts it clears the buffer immediately.
    I enjoyed Ken's review but I beg to differ with his conclusions and thoughts. As for muddy twixt the X-T4, I am not sure where he got that from but IQ is exactly the same as my X-T4 and X-S10 using all my FujiFilm lenses ......but many more images are 100% in focus and processed 4 x quicker than any other body.
    It is a cracking camera.
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Fivesense in Scathing Review of Fuji X-H2s   
    I found this forum in a link from another Fuji forum so I'm glad to be here. 

    Regarding Ken, he's a strong, unique personality and part of his identity is to rattle the pots and pans. He's a quirky, intelligent person who has opinions, like we all do. His presentation can be extremely off putting, but he's worth listening to when deciding on a new Fuji. 

    I agree with others here who say it's best to rent a new camera if possible, and compare to one's own knowledge base and shooting preferences. 
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    Golden Oxen reacted to SailorDan in Scathing Review of Fuji X-H2s   
    It's early days yet, but I like the X-H2s for the most part. I have two X-H1, and the X-H2s seems to be improved in more ways than it loses. I am a still photographer (retired pro), not a video shooter, so the many improvements there go right over my head. And so any opinions I have are limited as well.
    Reason to love this camera #1: the viewfinder is fantastic, better than any Nikon or previous Fujifilm. My prime reason to go with the XH-1 was the fabulous EVF, and the new one is even better.
    I do miss the dedicated shutter speed dial, but I do not dislike PASM. I have had film cameras (Canon F1nAE) that had both, and I wish Fuji had gone that way instead of doing one-or-the-other.
    I also like putting the Custom settings on a dial where you can get to them rather than hidden away in Fuji's impossible Menu hierarchy or Q display. Of my Nikons I love the ones with the U1-U2 and sometimes U3 dial settings.
    It seems stupid to making both focus mode and firing mode/speed harder to get to. On the other hand - finally - they put the Q button where it doesn't get pressed by mistake ten times a minute.
    The Menu is still pathetic, but no more so than previously, except that the C 1-7 settings are even more bafflingly buried than the old Custom settings. Some operator error at work there also, no doubt, but no one could call the Fuji menus user-friendly.
    Yeah, it is down-right cheesy not to include a charger with a $2500 camera, so I consider it more of  $2569.95 camera. I will feel much better, however, if and when I get the free memory card I sent in for....
    I haven't had a chance yet to compare the new auto-focus speed and accuracy against the Nikon D-500, the current champion for wildlife and especially BIF. Perhaps Fuji's separating the Bird from other Animal autofocus settings reflects BIF versus sitting ducks.
    Early days. But I don't regret the purchase. In fact, I am upgrading my Fujifilm prime lenses to the faster and higher resolution lenses. I think my Nikons (D810, D500, D7100, D5300, Z5 and a full-spectrum Z50) are going to migrate down to second shelf for many uses, and the Fuji's (X100F, X-H1 and new X-H2s are going to get more use. 
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Fujiron in Scathing Review of Fuji X-H2s   
    I've been on the fence about the X-H2s primarily due to price. I preordered the 150-600 and cancelled the order because I wasn't seeing any wildlife (primarily birds) photos that I thought were any better than what my X-H1 and 70-300+1.4TC are producing. Perhaps my success rate of BIF and the ability to zoom in closer would have made photographing birds a little easier but shelling out $4,500 for the out fit is a little too much for a retired hobbyist on a fixed income. I've decided to see what the 40mp model will do with the sharp Fuji lenses I've acquired and specifically an X-T5 which should be a little less expensive.
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