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    Golden Oxen reacted to jerryy in First generation Fuji X lenses on 40MP sensor body?   
    Anyone that could definitively answer the question at this point most likely will not because they would be under a Non-Disclosure-Agreement. You can keep up on the rumors over at https://www.fujirumors.com
    It does not make sense for Fujifilm to release the new sensor in a x-mount body if the older lenses cannot give it good enough images. Sure, absolutely sure, Fujifilm makes money selling new lenses, but they also support their setups with the older lenses. If it was not feasible to do that, then it would make better sense to put the sensor in the gfx mount line or start a new mount type series. The rumors say the sensor will be in the x-mount line.
    At some point there could be a sensor that out does the lenses, that is a hard limt, but it does not sound like that point is here. We will know soon enough.
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    Golden Oxen reacted to itchy shutter finger in First generation Fuji X lenses on 40MP sensor body?   
    This is a good question, but I think it leads down a bit of a rabbit hole. Lens resolutions are expressed as digital quantities of an analog distribution of light. As Herco pointed out, lenses may not exhibit uniform sharpness across its entire area, and I think most, if not all, don't. Therefore, that digital expression of lens resolution may not be accurate when rendered by a sensor of greater resolution, meaning one's perception of the resultant photo might not match the expectation the lens resolution measurement would suggest.
    What I'm trying to say is be careful what you wish for, because I suspect a 40MP sensor will be happy to expose the weaknesses of any lens one puts in front of it, new or old. And on what medium will one view all this resolution? I'm sure Fujifilm is likely to optimize the new lenses to the new sensor, whether it be by optical or firmware means. I have always suspected Fujifilm enhances the performance of its native branded lenses with a little in-camera processing help, and if that's the case, I think it does a great job.
    Does anyone here think the existing X-Trans sensors don't render good photos? I know 40MP is going to produce more pixels to peep, but will that equate to better photos? I don't know if one will see it unless large prints are made from the files. Computer monitors are what, 96 dots per inch? Consumer level photo printers are 600, or maybe 1200 dots per inch? 
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Herco in First generation Fuji X lenses on 40MP sensor body?   
    In the past Fujifilm rep's have stated that XF lenses were designed for up to 32MP which at that time (the 24MP was just introduced) seemed like an abundant margin. It's not that all newer lenses are able to resolve higher resolutions. The 16-80 for instance is a fine lens when you look at the center, but only average in corners and near the edge. Esp. at longer focal lengths. Primes like the 35/2 and the 80/2.8 are probably better equipped to resolve a 40MP sensor. However, it's clear that Fujifilm has a lot of MkII lenses to go...
    However, whether a lens is able to resolve the megapixels of the sensor doesn't tell the whole story. Many Fujifilm fans rave about the 35/1.4 where, in all honesty, the character of the lens is partly because of some optical flaws. In fact, some Leica shooters are paying top dollar for vintage lenses that aren't very sharp at all. It's the particular look they're after. So, if you love a lens, don't worry whether it can resolve all 40MPs. You'll hardly notice the difference between 32 and 40MP anyway.
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Weegie in First generation Fuji X lenses on 40MP sensor body?   
    Apologies if this question has been addressed previously however I did not find anything using the search function.  There are rumors of 40MP sensor X cameras coming, starting with an H2 sometime in the near future. These have me wondering if my first generation XF lenses will offer maximum resolution on such a sensor, or if I should slowly start migrating to the latest equivalent lens series?  My lenses are all the fastest f-stop versions if that matters.  I thought I read a couple years ago Fuji mentioning that 24MP was near the max capability of XF lenses but cannot find it.  I am sure their second generation lenses are fine at 40MP if they indeed are releasing such a sensor based X body, but how about their earlier lenses?    
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    Golden Oxen got a reaction from jlmphotos in 23mm f2 and 27mm f2.8   
    Great underrated lens. Wonderful bargain price with the kit as well.
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Anton C. in Fuji X-H1 – Your Opinion   
    Combined with the 35mm 1.4, it almost feels like an old film camera to me.. but with awesome output.
    BOBS6545 by Bob Brandoff, on Flickr
    BOBS6536 by Bob Brandoff, on Flickr
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Anton C. in Fuji X-H1 – Your Opinion   
    I have the XH-1 and I'm looking forward to the 16-80 lens that is coming soon.
    BOBS6436 by Bob Brandoff, on Flickr
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    Golden Oxen reacted to baldwin in Fuji X-H1 – Your Opinion   
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    Golden Oxen got a reaction from claude in Fuji X-H1 – Your Opinion   
    Switched to my FujiFilm 18-135 with my new X-H1 toy about a week ago and cannot put it down.
    What a camera! What a lens.  Couldn't be more satisfied.
    Thanks to Uncle Kenny Wheeler for his accurate reviews of both. "When He Talks, I listen"
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    Golden Oxen reacted to Joe Dagostino Photo in Some street work in NYC   
    XPro 1 and XPro 2 used here.  35/1.4 and the 16/2.8
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    Golden Oxen reacted to mdm in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    X-E2 + 27f2
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    Golden Oxen reacted to HendrikOsula in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Morning Glow @Tallinn, Estonia by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr
    X-T2 + 50-140/2,8
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    Golden Oxen reacted to adzman808 in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    X-Pro2 and XF35
    It'll Soon Pass by Adam Bonn, on Flickr
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    Golden Oxen reacted to PAE in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    XT1 & XF23/2

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    Golden Oxen reacted to Koreashooter in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Dongdaemun, Seoul, South Korea with Fuji X-T1 and 27mm.

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    Golden Oxen reacted to fnordzwodrei in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Hello Guys,
    this is my first post - and the picture is from my first try in street photography, last weekend in Amsterdam. Needless to say - it was a blast.

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    Golden Oxen reacted to brusco in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Foggy morning.
    xe2 18/55

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    Golden Oxen reacted to Watcher24 in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Entlaufener Art Besucher by Christoph, auf Flickr  
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    Golden Oxen reacted to harry-angel in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Walking the streets of Kuala Lumpur just 3 days ago, so I could develop the pics only incamera and on my iPad...

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    Golden Oxen reacted to marcelo_valente in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Interesting point. I, sometimes, keep thinking about a title to put on my shots, because I feel weird about leaving the camera file name.  Never thought of just putting the location and letting the view figure out whatever they want.
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    Golden Oxen reacted to mrPeter in IBIS versus OIS on X-T4   
    I asked Fuji service Europe about IBIS/OIS:
    Has OIS priority with longer lenses because it is more effective for longer focal lengths while IBIS has priority with shorter focal lengths?.
    They answered: >> in practise you don't have the option to choose between OIS and IBIS. That means that both options work always together. The fact is when you use lenses with longer focal length the OIS has priority as of the reason you mentioned. This means the stabilisation measured in EV steps will not be so effective as the use of lenses with wider focal length.<< BR Henk
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