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  1. Autumn by the Lake
  2. Autumn's Last Color Show
  3. The dial around the shutter button will change the shutter speed if I understand your question correctly. It turns both ways easily.
  4. Thanks jerryy. I do visit Fujirumors often which is where I picked up the controversy of the old lenses and new sensor. There is apparent disagreement ojn this topic from members whom seem to know quite a bit about it. Your take surely seems logical .and was very helpful. Regards, GO
  5. A definitive answer to this question would be most appreciated by this amateur. Bought a used X- H1 and absolutely adore it, wish I never wasted my money on other cameras, including Fujifilm cameras, when finding my ideal. Wish to buy an X-H2 if it has a stills centric rather than video model, but hate to make my older lenses obsolete and start buying new ones, especially where the X-H2 will be in the 2 grand range for sure. How I wish an expert from Fujifilm or the ones on this FujiForum would settle this question in clear not complex techie language for its loyal customers once and for all. Thanks for any help.
  6. Golden Oxen

    Curious Deer

    Super photo, super colors.
  7. Wow. Best one in a superior album Amazing photo
  8. Switched to my FujiFilm 18-135 with my new X-H1 toy about a week ago and cannot put it down. What a camera! What a lens. Couldn't be more satisfied. Thanks to Uncle Kenny Wheeler for his accurate reviews of both. "When He Talks, I listen"
  9. I just bought a used X-H1 in top notch condition and am thrilled to the max with it. What a camera. Paired it up with my FujifilmX 50mm F2 and am amazed Finally found my camera, was a long hunt, I hope the X-H2 stays with the program and enhances rather than changes this marvelous camera.
  10. Just got my new X T-4 and found it acceptable for build quality, but a step below previous top models. Feels more delicate and a tad less preciseness with dials and latches. Have already decided it has to be babied and treated with kids gloves to get longevity from it. Still a Fujifilm fanboy however, What a camera, bought the kit with the 16-80 and can't wait to start shooting.
  11. Does this mean the X-T40 is a dead issue permanently or is their still hope for one? Some say the X-S10 is actually it, Ken Wheeler for one, but the dials and style are not for me. Have an X-T30 and was hoping for an X-T40 with IBIS and other improvements.
  12. Pleasing blend of complimentary colors.
  13. Nice collection, like them all but the colored photos are my favorites. 🌈👍
  14. Yes, Kenny is by far the best Fujifllm reviewer and overall teacher by far. No affiliate links and offers free books and trips and tricks that are well worth perusing. His lens reviews are superb and so different from the crowd.
  15. Ken Wheeler, who goes by the name of Theoria Apophasis on you tube offers a free book and many videos on this topic that are both free for download and are written by Ken, who is a true expert on the Fujifilm camera line. He is an amazing teacher, scholar and no doubt a genius. Recommended highly to Fujifilm enthusiasts who are unaware of this wizard and his expertise in photography.
  16. Great underrated lens. Wonderful bargain price with the kit as well.
  17. Not arguing with anyone about their preferences, but I love the fully articulating screen and will not buy a Fujifilm camera that doesn't have one. I passed on the recent X-T3 sale because it did not have one. Viewfinders are the most important item for me and the X-Pro3 is a camera I am looking to buy on sale, after the X-H2 is announced; unless of course it offers one better with the X-H2. LCD's are awful for anything in my view but reviewing pictures taken. Smeared scratched LCD screens with those absurd screen protectors, inability to see in strong sunlight, are a joke compared to a real first class viewfinder as on the X-Pro3 and I wish Fujifilm would advance them and place them on more cameras. No problem however, understanding how others think the opposite.
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