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  1. Given its a few months, you've probably solved it - but regarding first question, when RAW is selected (without a JPEG) then the size is automatically the same as the RAW size, i.e. the full sensor size. Hope it helps.
  2. My GFX50R and 32-64mm lens gives the "Turn-off and On again" error all the time when at the 64mm end of the zoom and in bright light. I've tried all the usual stuff (change battery, firmware on camera and lens and cleaning contacts) and the error persists. Having read about similar problems on the web and it being a lens fault I returned it to Fujifilm UK (sadly not under warranty so £220 charge) who returned it today saying they had changed a "lens group". Only problem is that the lens still keeps asking for camera restarts exactly as before when focusing at f=64mm. The problem doesn't occur on my GFX 50mm and only occurs at zoom=64mm on the lens so pretty sure its not the camera. Anyone any similar experiences as to the fix for this? UPDATE- I've been giving the lens a bit of a workout in focus varying zoom and near-far focus (still in bright light and various apertures) and the problem seems to be greatly diminishing in frequency, perhaps the "new lens group" needs to bed in. Now in difficult cases it flashes the usual red "!AF" rather than the restart camera message when at f=64mm. Encouraging! Perhaps I'll have to eat crow over the terse/cross email to Fuji-UK
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