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  1. Hi and thank you David. now its a matter of how to adjust the exposure settings ...
  2. Hello, please excuse my dumb novice question but when I switch my XT4 from photo to video recording the screen and view finder suddenly become dark. The video also records in a very dark setting even though there is ample lighting as well as sunlight coming into a brightly lit room. I am certain I'm doing something wrong but can't ascertain or know what it is that I am doing wrong. Here is a video I uploaded to YouTube impromptu to show you the issue that I am having with. Kudos and a million thanks in advance for any help.
  3. I attached a magnet to the lens cap and the hot shoe cover of my Fujilm XT4. It never touched nor touches the memory card. The setup is displayed below. Any thoughts? Did this three or four months ago so as to prevent losing the lens cap and hot shoe cover. I figure it is environmentally friendlier and cheaper. I have not noticed any issues with the camera so far and all functions have worked well. I used D-Ring screws (or any metallic screw) to magnetically clasp the magnet onto. The screw is screwed into the lens cage. I use the Urig brand lens cage which has worked out well so far but I would like to try out other brands of cages as well, as the one I use limits the camera's native ring holes exposure and makes access to them a bit difficult. I have some design ideas that I am thinking about that would improve both the Urig and the SmallRig designs as I see them both lacking in some features. I wish I had enough money to help me realize the other ideas that I think would be quite useful and that no one has designed as of yet. I enjoy tinkering with things which I often purchase and this is a habit of always attempting to ascertain the best function of an item but never truly finding the perfect fit. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. You can see the video below
  4. I had the same issue occur last week. I was walking in Sultan Ahmet in Istanbul, got on the tram and walked out. When I left the tram gate, I noticed the hood was gone. Tried in vain to find one in Amazon Turkey and Amazon US but no luck, and Fujifilm UK is out of stock. It had gone off quickly previously but what caught it was the lens cap string that was attached to the lends itself. It was very loose from the first day I bought it. I went out and bought a replacement JJ brand one and another non name brand that screws on. Done with that and won't bother buying an original again...not well made if it falls off that easily. Not really happy about it but i'm not going to spend more money trying to replace it if this has happened to another person. I initially thought it was just my camera but after searching for another one online, I stumbled on this post and now I am definitely not going to bother with my search. I would not use an original again even if it was for free. I got these two used from two stores in the city for 60 Turkish liras (one for twenty and the other for 40.)..they were collecting dust on their used camera shops windows displays...literally covered in dust LOL had to wipe it down.
  5. I had often used the Fujifilm Camera Remote App to download pictures I took on the XT4. The transfer was usually great and smooth (albeit a bit slow) but worked without a hitch. However, recently there has been a blinking light after the camera is turned off. A message states, on the camera screen, the following, "START IMAGE TRANSFER TO SMARTPHONE CAMERA WILL TURN OFF WHEN COMPLETE" and on the app it says, atop the app in a green banner, "X-T4-A9FE has Image Transfer Order remaining. To import the remaining image(s), turn the "Auto-Transfer" setting to "ON". I checked the auto transfer setting and it is/was turned to "ON", as the video I recorded and uploaded to YouTube clearly indicates. It's a bit frustrating since my only solution now is to delete the connection and repair it but that has become both frustrating and time consuming. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thank you in advance for your advice.
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