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  1. I haven't experienced any issues as of yet.
  2. I've ordered one but it's still on backorder. 🙁
  3. The X-S10 is my first Fuji camera, for me it makes photography more fun while getting professional results. I've been a Pentax user since the 1970's but I'm very happy with the decision to purchase Fuji over other camera brands.
  4. RJRizzo


    Random images with my X-S10
  5. I haven't had a problem with mine since the new firmware version came out.
  6. Hello, I'm Richard from Florida and a long time Pentax user since the 1970's, I purchased my first Fuji (X-S10) about a month or so ago with the 18-55mm kit lens and am loving it. My next purchase will be the 70-300mm lens which I'll be ordering this week. It's great to be part of a thriving community of Fuji users. I'm a casual shooter these days but you can check out some of my images taken over the past few years on Instagram.. https://www.instagram.com/richardrizzo_photography/
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