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  1. Hi, I'm David and I'm based in South Wales. I started out as a photographer back in the 80s, ran a photography gallery for many years, then ended up working in digital and internet art for a long while. I came back to photography about 15 years ago using digital Nikons (my first camera way back was an Olympus OM 1 but I then switched to Nikons alongside medium format cameras back in the days of film). However, I recently switched to Fuji x after borrowing a friend's camera and being really impressed with both the usability and, more importantly, the images - they just looked so good. No going back now! I shoot mainly portrait, art projects and occasionally landscape. You can see some of my work on my website http://www.xox.org.uk
  2. Hi Hillsideshortleg, I recently switched from Nikon to Fuji x cameras and use a lot of flash for portrait work (nearly always as fill-in on location). Having researched it a bit, I ended up buying a Godox AD200 set up with an X1T-F transmitter. Using this set up also lets me integrate my old Nikon SB-600 flash into it should I need to (though I suspect using the latter could only ever be in manual mode as a bit of research seems to indicate that nobody has actually got Nikon TTL to talk to Fuji TTL!) That said, I have also started using large reflectors which are highly effective at bouncing back into selected areas! One of the other nice things about the Godox set up is that you can very easily integrate other Godox flashes into a set up and maintain TTL flash without necessarily needing extra receivers. (So I am thinking of getting a small TT350 flash just for general, occasional use too.) Coincidentally, a colleague who uses Canon has also switched to a Godox flash set up so we are also planning to pool our lighting set ups for occasional, even more complex set ups. Lighting spectaculars, here we come...!! Hope that helps! David
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