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  1. I want to see my picture immediately on my pc monitor. How can i do that? My camera is fuji xt-2 and i use macbook.
  2. I use samyang lens at work. So i allways shut with flash. My settings; f32, 1/250, iso100. Before shutting, camera monitor looks so dark. İ change the lcd settings and it became bright. But there are very noise in screen, so i can't shure the focus area is true.
  3. I'm looking autofocus macro lens. Fuji xf 80mm macro is the best macro lens but it is very expensive. I use samyang 100mm macro lens but it is manuel. I can't shoot good with manuel. are there any alternatives for autofocus macro lens? Or can i make my manuel samyang 100mm macro lens gained an autofocus function?
  4. I've been using it for six months but i have a sharpeninf issue. I use this lens with x-t2 body. How do you manage to take clear pictures with a manual lens?
  5. I will use 2 flash and a trigger. I synchronize together and connect my xt2 camera. Do i need to synchronize again every time i turn on the camera? Or is it enough to just open flash and trigger? I will use godox x2t trigger, tt350 flash and my camera is fuji xt2. Thanks for your answers.
  6. I use xt2 and i take photo with flash. My settings f21 and 1/125. So when i look viewfinder, screen is dark and i can't see anything. When i push half the sutter buttun, i see the image. I want constant visible display on viewfinder, is that possible?
  7. Thank you for your help. I guess, i will buy godox x2t or xpro trigger. And buy 2 godox tt350 flash. I will connect this two flashes with owl bracket. this is the bracket link; https://www.owlbracket.com Are godox tt350 flashes can connect this bracket? In addition, i used nikon r1c1 twin flash before. Is Tt350 more strong than r1c1? Does it make me feel similar effectivity? fuji ef-x20 flash is compatible with godox x2t? I think that this flash is smallest one. Or i will buy fujifilm ef-w1 trigger and connect ef-x20.
  8. I search mini flash use with trigger and found godox tt350 flash. Are there any smaller flash than godox tt350? Another brand than godox or fuji.
  9. Can i ask a question? İf i buy a tll receiver (like a godox xpro-f or x2t-f), i can connect tll flash. So how can i find a small tll flash to connect tll receiver? (like a twin flash)
  10. I usually shot smile photo. I think that this lens shots small area, like a 1-2 teeth area. In dentistry, everybody usually use 105 or 100mm macro lens.
  11. Thanks. I search rokinon but i find samyang. It is similar with rokinon. But this lens is manuel. So if i use this lens, can i use focus feature (like a red spot focus area)
  12. Probably i will buy samyang or rokinon 100mm f2.8 macro lens. But no matter which lens I use, the flash connection must be fujifilm compatible.
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