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  1. Can anyone recommend the X100V book https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Guide-Fujifilms-X100V/dp/1716938864/ref=pd_sbs_2?pd_rd_w=rubt8&pf_rd_p=2419a049-62bf-452e-b0d0-ca5b7e35a7b4&pf_rd_r=0B25JFM290XD677358PH&pd_rd_r=3e170b28-1bd1-46f8-9952-ab97260a4d00&pd_rd_wg=6R5wp&pd_rd_i=1716938864&psc=1 ? I see a book as a different, additional way to get to know the X100V. Some books are not available yet and others do get pretty bad reviews. So maybe my question should rather be: is there anyone who can recommend a book on the X100V, and if so, what book? Many thanks.
  2. Yesterday, for the first time, I took my X100V with me on a hike without its camera bag. I noticed that opening this bag creates a barrier when taking photographs so I wanted to try without. When I wanted to put the strap on properly, my camera flew through the air on the hard stone street. The result was a clear damage to the black metal (top and button). Later it turned out that also the battery seal did not work anymore. The camera seems to work fine (?) for the rest. The fans among you will understand that I was very upset. The camera is less than a year old and I am very careful with it. What can I do? Have it repaired (can you remove these damages?), have the camera checked completely? A new battery cover? Sometimes I think: exchange it and pay a bit of extra, because as a nature photographer I want a 100% reliable camera. I have never experienced this before: what is your advice? Many thanks!
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