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  1. I really appreciate everyone's feedback - thanks! So great to be able to have access to your knowledge and experience. I ended up buying the X-T1 w/18 -135mm kit lens - seduced by it's big, beautiful EVF and more rugged quality. Very happy with my photos so far though a big learning curve ahead.
  2. I'd like to return to JJUN's question. I bought both the X-T10 and XT-1 bodies on trial to compare. I love the xf 18 - 135 for its speed of changing focal lengths and versatility with no need to change lenses and am pleased with its performance so far. However, I noticed a lot more camera shake in the hand on the X-T10 vs. the X-T1. I literally hold my breath and stabilize my body before pressing the shutter to keep the image still while the X-T1 image stays dead still without any gymnastics. For a number of reasons, I'd like to keep the t10 but am now concerned as instability would be a deal breaker. One option would be to add the extra grip and see if that helps. Yet, I need to decide by tomorrow. If anyone has any experience or ideas about the XT-10 and zooms, I'd appreciate your feedback. Thanks ahead.
  3. Thanks to both ScottGabrielli and azmmount for your feedback. I'm probably the last of a cellphoneless species (for reasons of health concerns) but will keep TripperTrap in mind. I have looked at the Zeiss and Rokinon - unfortunately they're way beyond my budget. Mike, do you mean you can only shoot within within this small area with extension tubes? Being a digital newbie overall and having no experience with Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. I was hoping to avoid as much post processing as possible for now. I'll look into Photomatrix though - thanks for the tip! Is it fairly easy to use? I have two great old macro lenses - a Canon FD 50 f/3.5 and Nikkor 60 f/2.8 so may look into an adaptor. Though would prefer autofocus as I use a complicated contacts prescription which tend to be inconsistently accurate. I'd appreciate any tips on a good Canon or Nikon to Fuji X adaptor if anyone knows of one and is there light loss involved? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have a lot of experience with analogue/film but am pretty new to digital and just preordered an XT-10. I mostly like to shoot street and nature, often closeups, and like the closeness of 1:1 Macro. I need a light, small camera with most ease of learning curve/settings so the xt-10 seems a good choice. Yet, none of the lenses have1:1 macro and I'm wondering how well the 16 mm extension tube works with the kit 18-55 f.2.8 to 3.5 lens. From the charts, it gives somewhere between .5 and .75 magnification. If anyone has any experience with this on any (FX?) lens, I'd appreciate the feedback. Also, I'd wanted HDR and wonder how important this is? Lastly, I understand there is an accessory grip one can order. So what does it mean when people say there's an issue of no vertical grip? Thanks. I really appreciate this resource.
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