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    jadshuye78 got a reaction from jerryy in Starting to get a little discouraged: Instagram vs. Capture One (I know!!!)   
    Thanks for your replay, jerrryy. I can actually guess the outcome but I've never done it: I guess there must be something to learn in such exercise.
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    jadshuye78 got a reaction from jerryy in There is this project in my mind...   
    It takes courage and time to find beauty where you were only able to see boredom. Train, train, train...
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    jadshuye78 got a reaction from Olaf W. in Hi there!   
    Hi everybody!
    I've been looking for a photography forum and I ended up selecting this one as a start. I expect to post questions about my internal struggles with the world of photography as a hobby. I'll also expect to know you all better.
    Thanks in advance for your feedback, guidance and availability!
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