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  1. As far as I can tell, the difference of the barebones baseplate is only 10 grams (the closed one being the lighter one). But it also fits better and has a lower profile. In my eyes, it's absolutely perfect.
  2. Because I'm still having a hard time to get used to it. Like for setting the focus point: I should just use the joystick, but every bloody time I used the directional pad because for 3 years I've done that. My muscle memory is so stubborn!! The joystick has replaced the direction buttons, but my old head will not compute it!!
  3. I think my problem arises with the fact that I have to use "a" wheel to flip through the images. I keep using the directional pad like I used to on the X-T1 and it doesn't work. Then I remember that I have to use a scroll wheel. So I use the wheel, but I never remember which one. I have to find a better way of setting this up.
  4. OMG I totally will. I'm still lost with all the different dials. I had set up the X-T1 perfectly, and now my muscle memory plays tricks on me. I keep touching the wrong spots all the time. It's driving me crazy!
  5. I feel really stupid. If I have the aperture at F2, and the shutter speed at 250, and the ISO at 200... shouldn't everything stay that way? Is it possible that I accidentally changed the shutter speed by rotating the front dial or something?
  6. How do I prevent the camera to change the shutterspeed from what I set with the dial? For example, if I set it to 250 for flash photography, why will it internally change it to 320? What am I doing wrong? Why is it overwriting my settings, if I have everything else set manually? I'm baffled.
  7. Sorry, but I don't think Steve Huff has ever "had it".
  8. I used to have the Fuji quick release plate (or, as they called it "Small Handgrip" for the X-T1) because I did not require an additional grip. In my opinion, it wasn't needed and it looked goofy. However, to my dismay, I found out that Fuji discontinued this plate and is now only producing the hand grip plate for the X-T2. So I began researching my options from other manufacturers. I ordered a thirty dollar one from Ebay, but it was clunky and heavy. It also didn't really fit properly. But then I found the perfect one for my needs, also on Ebay. It's the PEIPRO L-bracket. I took off the small side bracket and just use the bottom. The plate is super-light and although it's so light has a smooth, closed bottom (only one opening for the battery compartment). I really don't know how they were able to make it so light. So just in case you want a good looking, light arca-swiss compatible quick release plate that can stay permanently installed on your X-T2, you can't go wrong with this one. I highly recommend it.
  9. Weird. Walked into my local camera store last week and picked one up. Not sure why they had it, it's just a small store.
  10. Oh, how generous of you! Unfortunately for me, I found that Fuji still sells the replacements for the original X-T1 viewfinder, so I ordered one. It was $ 9.99 plus shipping. Which isn't so bad. I added my missing 60mm lens cap to the bill which was an astronomical $ 19.99... for a teeny tiny lens cap!! Anyway, thanks so much for your offer. Karma will repay you.
  11. Am I the only one who prefers the old, regular X-T1 eyecup to the alternatives? I wish I could buy the flat one somewhere.
  12. Well, turns out I had not updated my lens firmware in a while. After doing that, everything works as it should. I will keep the manual focus in mind for filming. I think I just need practice. Just as a side note, if I want f8, I can as well film with my iPhone. The only reason to film with the X-T2 is to get better bokeh. But time will tell how much I will actually film.
  13. So I traded my 3-year-old X-T1, battery grip and plate towards a new X-T2. Holy smokes. There is a steep learning curve, no doubt. I thought I knew my old camera, but this is a whole new different beast. I am struggling mostly with the video function. I believe the lenses I tried so far are too old, but the AF in video is painfully slow and often non-existent... But then again, I doubt I will do much filming anyway. If you have any suggestions for a new X-T2 owner, please let me know. A new camera is always nice, but there are growing pains for sure until everything is set up just right...
  14. Try the Iridient. I downloaded it yesterday afternoon just for kicks, and gave it a whirl. It's not much fuss, because you can edit the image from LR via the external editor, and then just overwrite your TIF file inside LR. The difference is quite astonishing. I'd be curious to see how the image would look processed through Iridient.
  15. That's better than before, but still pretty bad. Disappointing.
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