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  1. When you go on a photo walk do you turn it off every time you take a photo? I am so used to just leaving it on and taking photos while walking...
  2. Dear Fuji Lovers, Hi, I am a new XT4 user who came from XT20 of 3 years. During my time with XT20, I have never experienced overheating or just even warming/heating during photo or video shooting at all but it seems otherwise with the XT4 begging the question if it is normal for the XT4 to warm/heat up in general. I am getting paranoid cause this is a gift from my significant other so I feel really bad about this whole situation being that it's not cheap and want to calm down about it. Let me explain the situation. When I first got my XT4 this Sunday I took it out for a short photo shooting of my dog playing fetch with my significant other at 6 in the evening. After 10 minutes the camera started to warm up and was hot by 20 minutes. I felt this was weird so I stopped and turned off the camera for the time being. Later that night at 8 I tried to shoot it in video and the camera started to overheat after 15 minutes making me confused now so I decided to take a break and try it again the morning of the next day. Unfortunately the camera heated up and was hot again within 30 minutes in the morning after taking photos both indoor (my house) and outdoor (my garden) so I decided to take the XT4 back to Fuji to ask if something was wrong with the camera. After Fuji tested it, the reply was it is normal for it to "warm/heat up" but my camera heated up "too fast" so they exchanged me with a new XT4. Thinking the problem was solved I took it back home and tried another session but the new XT4 still heated up but less compared to the first one. Now here is the question. Is it normal for the XT4 to heat up during photo shooting? What are your experiences with the XT4? I researched online and found people talking about overheating only in video shooting, not photo shooting, but only happened to some people. Nobody talked about if it "warms up" or "heats up" while using the camera in photo shooting mode. I want to know if you experienced warming/heating up during photo shooting because I never experienced it with the XT20. Please help set both my significant other and myself in ease. Thank you in advance. Sincerely yours, Another Fuji Lover
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