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  1. When I take pictures, it turns out that every photo in the camera is too small. I didn’t know how to solve this problem, so I went to Google. There I found a man who told me that this is a photograph format problem, and to fix it you need to reformat in some program. So I did, I went to the torrent via u1337x.org, and then I downloaded the first program for formatting photos. It helped me.
  2. well, they should me more worried about how their real estate looks like, especially when they don't have heating radiators in house... how can this happen when it's below zero in winter?!
  3. The X-S10 is much better than the X-T4
  4. I personally used many video editing softwares and I didn't like premiere and davinci. the problem fo me is that they require much performance and occupy a lot of space. Once I have tried online video editing tool, I stopped using everything else. And I really don't see any disadvantages. So I really recommend you trying www.fastreel.com
  5. Hi, Steve S. Welcome to the forum! Wish you good luck with you new GFX-100s!)
  6. Oh, I should have read this topic first, not the introduction one, lol. I posted in introduction just a post not a new thread, I hope that's okay.
  7. Hello my name is Peter and I am happy to be here on this forum, cause I think it's really useful place to be registered on.
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