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    Bill5818 reacted to Maurice in Lightroom 6 improvements?   
    How is that going to help. He doesn't have some kind of all powerful X-pertise. It is only his opinion that Lightroom is perfectly 'fine'. And i agree that for most people it can be, but i'm not looking for something that's 'usable', i want it to be better than usable, i want it to be great. And this is not some kind of unreasonable request, everybody else is already doing it with regular Bayer.
    With sharpening you cannot get out what isn't there, you're stuck with the processors demosaicing engine. So when it doesn't 'understand' the file correctly then you can push and pull on it to hide that fact as best you can, and that will be fine in most cases. But you cannot fix what is out of your control, the sensor, and software's demosaicing engine. Imagine being a cook that has to make a dish where one of the ingredients is just past its expiration date. I'm sure a good cook can make something of it to hide that fact, but it's never going to be perfect and there's nothing you can do about it but use something else!
    Personally in my opinion it is xtrans itself that is at fault. It was supposed to make a OLPF redundant to maximize detail and remove moire by its color filter layout. But instead it only creates its own artifacts with either false detail and color or loss of it, and as many tests have proven the true iso values don't match other camera systems. Even compensated there appears to be less noise, but indeed it only appears as such because the actual noise is obscured by the irregular detail retention. While some converters manage to deal with that better than others, it never actually looks better than a equivalent photo in the same converter. Even from the X-A1 that seems to have the same old sensor underneath a standard bayer filter.
    While some of all this can actually be beneficial for JPGs, for Raw shooters there are only problems and not one single benefit. So if you ask me i wish they would just quit this nonsense already.
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