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    Shanmuga Raja reacted to algrove in Fujifilm GFX 50R mount adapter setting not working   
    I use Fotodiox adapters just fine on the 50R
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    Shanmuga Raja reacted to jlmphotos in New Addition to the Family!!!   
    Last night I got my new GFX 100-200 F5.6 and here she is!  I'm so excited.  And 20 minutes after opening the box I found a dog hair on the lens!  Today, the dogs are outa here -- LOL. Just Kidding.
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    Shanmuga Raja reacted to rennan in Fuji XT-2 not working with EF-X8 flash   
    Good Morning!
    Having issues with setting for my FUJI XT2 and my EF-X8 flash. It use to work. Now when I attached it and go to my Flash Function settings it says Mode: Supplied Flash   OFF. Trying to figure it out as to how to turn it back ON or even change the Mode. Tried the roller bet the AE L and AF L. Nothing happens. Thanks for your help in advance.
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