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  1. have same issues with my Xpro1 + EF X8 flash and other flashes. its in off all the time. how to turn and sync with all flashes. how to configure MS and ES shutter and change it.
  2. have a serious issues with my x pro 1 with flash. (Menu) flash mode is not available, even if silent mode is disable. i connect EF-X8 to x pro 1 body, TTL and manual flash is not available. Third party flashes is also not triggering. third party flash and EF-X8 is working fine on my XE-3. But i can't access on my X pro 1 (firmware Ver 3.82). Kindly help me. thanks in advance
  3. Hello everyone. am Shanmuga Raja (42) from Tamil Nadu (India). am wedding photographer since 22 years and used several cameras from past. very much interested in travel & street photography. On 2006 I purchased Fujifilm Fine Pix S9500 for my studio & wedding, then changed to canon series, again in 2018, brought my Fuji X-T100 & loved that camera, and sold that camera I replace with Fuji X pro 1 (used) & Fuji X-E3. I have lot of vintage lenses and love to pair with my fuji & shoot weddings & travel. having some m42 lenses, Nikon glasses, zenith series, etc.. plan to buy one more Xpro1. I came across this X forum past week and love & happy to travel (chat) with you guys. Fujifilm X-Pro1 | Fujifilm X-E3 | Nikon D700 | Canon 5D classic | Mark 2 | 6D | EOS 20D with regards, Shanmuga Raja J https://www.facebook.com/shanmugarajafotographie/ https://www.facebook.com/ok.sathy/ https://www.shanmugarajavisualstories.myportfolio.com
  4. Hello friends, am newbie here. am from Tamil Nadu (India). own X pro 1 & X E3, am planning to buy one more X pro 1 now. Here one photo store offer me X pro 1 (open box - demo) for $600. is it good deal or not.
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