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  1. I hope I'm in the correct forum. New Fuji user here! Right now I have my RAW files saved to a separate card slot than JPEG. I like shooting RAW + JPEG to immediately upload my jpegs to social media (Instagram). However, if I shoot JPEG, with a 1:1 ratio, in black and white my RAW files are saved as black and white. When I upload them in CaptureOne I cannot revert them back to color. Whatever I shoot in JPEG, I don't want to happen in my RAW files. I realize I can use the RAW Conversion to take my black and white files and make them color jpegs one at a time, but I would prefer to upload all of my basic RAW files with no simulations added. Can I do this? Thanks
  2. I like these "alley" type of shots. Something I'm trying to do is have a car blur by, or person, crossing the end of the alley.
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