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  1. Why do people not bring the camera back to the seller claiming the warranty instead of running to a forum, create an account and post their issue with the camera? If one of my cameras would break within the warranty period I would immediately bring / send it for exchange or repair.
  2. STORING is not an error message, it means the camera is writing the contents of it's buffer to the memory card. If it is a very fast card it will take less time than with a cheap not so fast memory card. Check the Fuji website for recommended brands and types. P.S. STORING in Dutch language means malfunction or failure so when I saw this message for the first time I thought WTF, camera broken? Then I realized the camera menu is in the english language.
  3. mrPeter

    Lens noise

    It is the IBIS system that is in a parked position. Switching off means putting the system in a parked position which is an activity that also generates a little noise. All cameras of all brands with IBIS do that. Nothing to worry about. Happy shooting. Henk
  4. Hi Peter, welcome to the forum. Why not first try the latest update of Affinity as it does not cost you any money? If it does not work as you would want it to you can switch to CaptureOne pro. If you do panoramas and/or focus stacking You should keep Affinity as CaptureOne does not do these tricks. I use CaptureOne pro and Affinity Photo for the same reason. Henk
  5. How can you "update" a current version of the firmware?
  6. Look for"sportsfinder"
  7. 10 seconds googling gives you the answer from the Viltrox site: "Viltrox EF-FX2 mount adapter is designed to allow Canon EF-mount series lenses to Fuji X-Mount mirrorless cameras. Focal length is multiplied by 0.71 based on the original (equivalent focal length = focal length x 0.71), which helps enlarge 1 level aperture"
  8. Are you joking? X-T4 does not have a built-in flash.
  9. Hi, The battery door of my X-E4 has approx. 0.5 mm play. Not rattling when I put the camera down. Hope this helps. Henk
  10. I had a similar experience with my X-T4, switching off D-range priority fixed it for me. Hope this helps for you too. Henk
  11. I never use dummie settings like auto or pre-set modes with cameras that are fully capable of shooting sports with high iso and high shutterspeeds that I can set myself..... Oh, and dumb is written with a b at the end. 😉
  12. I'd return it to the shop where you bought it and ask for a replacement.
  13. Hi Wayne, I have this 3 Legged Thing QR11 L Bracket which is an universal L-bracket. If I mount it with a little space (approx. 1cm) between the left hand side of the X-T4 and the bracket I can carefully rotate the screen to open or close it. The bracket can also be mounted the other way, to the right hand side of the camera. This way you can have the screen in any position you like. Henk
  14. That is the cheapest solution and works well. I did that with a Manfrotto QR plate. A more elegant but pricier solution would be to exchange the QR plate base (if possible, look for a screw where the base is attached to the ballhead) for an Arca Swiss baseplate and QR plate.
  15. Have you read the user manual of the lens? iirc this lens has a locking mechanism.
  16. Perfect! Enjoy the X-E4, it's a magic box that can produce beautiful images.
  17. I have this charger: https://www.hahnelusa.com/irish-shop/1000-576-0-procube-2-twin-charger-fujifilm/
  18. Do you have other lenses or only the 16-80mm? If it's your only lens can you borrow a lens from a friend? Do some test images with the other lens to see if it's the camera or the 16-80mm lens. Did you do a test with IBIS/OIS switched of?
  19. Did you check the sensor for dust or crud? The rear end of the lens?
  20. IBIS and OIS are only effective for motion blur caused by camera movement, not for freezing moving objects when you use a too low shutterspeed.
  21. The dials are made of metal, they look very nice to me, not cheap or misfunctioning. Are you suggesting that punched is inferior quality? When turning the dials your fingers will not feel the difference. I was trained to work with lathe and planer. The flip-out screen feels as solid as any four other brands I have handled and fit for it's purpose. I must say these cameras were not in the $4000 - $40000 price range. YMMV.
  22. Always format SD cards in-camera, it is strongly advised by all camera brands I know.
  23. I will not post an image of my Fuji camera as everyone here knows what they look like. 😉 I am still in a test / adjustment phase as my other system is Panasonic micro4/3. I want to try the Fuji X systen for at least a year as I think it takes that long to find all the ins- and outs of a system and see if I like it as a whole. So far I hate the menu system. The custom settings part was greatly improved with the X-E4 by adding settings for autofocus etc. As a raw shooter I do not like the zoom lenses unless stopped down due to the horrible vignetting. I like the small F/2.0 WR lenses best. Most joy is shooting with adapted Olympus OM Zuiko lenses of which the 50mm F/1.8 is my favorite, no vignetting even wide open and nice color rendering.
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