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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to pjsokal in USB won't recognize GFX 100   
    Hi Suzan. Thanks for following up. Yes, I did solve this. Given that this only occurred with my laptop and not my desktop, I suspected it was the computer and not the camera at fault. I finally found a USB power setting in the Lenovo software that allowed the USB outlet to be used for charging, even when the computer was not in use. Disabling this solved the issue. Must have somehow affected the USB power output I guess, but I am happy to be able to shoot again tethered to my laptop.
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to SuzanGabrijan in USB won't recognize GFX 100   
    Did you solve the problem?
    I remember having the same issue, but then it was somewhere in the software I had to enable.  Bizarre, can't remember exactly but it really was somewhere in the settings. Fuji sometimes handles the interface very strangely. Also for example if you want to see the grid you have to choose show grid. But then nothing happens. The trick. somewhere in some other settings you have to enable it. Very weird and can drive you crazy.
    Sorry cant help you further, but I really cant remember which setting it was. I ordered 2 new USB 3 cables and everything...I know how you feel:)
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to Sammyc in ND filters   
    Thank you very much, this is very helpful
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to mdm in Lens Reviews?   
    There is a post started back in 2015 by "quincy" - https://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/998-complete-overview-over-the-available-and-upcoming-fuji-x-mount-lenses/
    I didn't check updates of that post last years and just did it now. He added some links to reviews that is great and sort of what you are talking about I suppose.
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to BruceBanner in Lens Reviews?   
    Thanks, will check those out.

    I wonder if its a good idea to start some kind of official lens review here on this forum group, following a similar format to PF? Could be a great resource and strengthen the Fuji brand.
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to ozwrangler in Using my new X-T30 as a webcam   
    Apart from buying extra gear, is there any other way to use the XT30 as a webcam?
    I can't get it to work with Fuji's Webcam app- XT30 not listed as compatible :(
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    K PRETHVIRAJ got a reaction from ozwrangler in Using my new X-T30 as a webcam   
    the new firmware is coming in february itself , so after that firmware update you can use fujifilm xt-30 as a webcam ,by directly connecting it to computer , without any external device . hope this helps . have a nice day ahead !
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to Sammyc in ND filters   
    Hi all. I'm new to mirrorless cameras and have just bought the XT30 which I'm really liking. Only using the 18-55mm at the moment but it's such a great lens I don't mind using it for sometime before I upgrade. I mainly shoot landscapes and need some ND filters and polarizers to shoot waterfalls and sunsets and would love some recommendations on some budget ones, maybe a 3 and a 10 stop to start with? Any suggestions? 
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    K PRETHVIRAJ got a reaction from KenMcD in Fujifilm 4k video editing software   
    davinci resolve works well , also vegas pro support hevc 4k editing . windows suggestions ! .hope this helps . have a nice day ahead !
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to Nicky in XT30 Update   
    Great news that we can use our XT30's as web cams but a pity that they don't appear to be updating the autofocus to be in line with that on the XT3.
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to Ergin Ozturk in Clean video output with USB-C Connection without Capture Card   
    Nowadays because of COVID-19 everybody working at home and need webcams. Even if we have top technology mirrorless XT3's we can not use them directly to feed live view. USB-C is a 10GBs data transfer port, please consider giving users tethering video without capture cards.
    By the way we know Fujifilm Health division is working hard for pandemic, I hereby present my deepest respects to all the scientists working at Fujifilm, I'm proud to be using your camera systems. 
    Best Regards,
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to TokyoInPics in Fujii 70/300   
    If they do make one, I hope it will be fast!
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to PebbleByTheSea in Fuji X Cinema Line?   
    Hello one and all,
    I'm a full time photographer and videographer Fuji XT4 user, I occasionally hire Fuji GFX cameras so have experience with Fuji GFX 100 and 50s. I however have 2 x Sony A9's where I work and came up using Canon. The Fuji system is undoubtably my favourite system for photography, as brilliant and workable as the XT4 is for video it does fall a little short in some areas, I love the lenses from Fuji  and have invested a fair bit. It is frustrating as someone that is considering stepping up my video work I would have to get a new set on Lenses when XT4 only falls short in a couple areas.
    I think if Fuji focused on a Cinema camera with some of the existing tech in there XT4 but with a smaller Megapixel sensor that performs better in Low Light (perhaps a dual gain output set to 640 and 6400?) and 4:4:2 10 BIT internal or even RAW internal, 4K 120P, internal ND's Perhaps, a boxier cine cam style body, they would have a truly amazing product (Could almost look to the digital bolex for some inspo). If they kept it around the £2200 - $2500 mark and the less photographic style body, I don't think it would compete with the existing Fuji Line up.
    Do you think Fuji would ever consider making a completely video centric line like the Sony A7s range or even FX line or C70 Canon Camera?
    This is my first time writing on the forum, just wanted to put this out there as a thought
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    K PRETHVIRAJ got a reaction from jerryy in Astro-photography (open thread)   
    very nice !!!
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    K PRETHVIRAJ got a reaction from Jim White in Fuji xs10 silver??   
    my guess is that it won't happen .because they changed the design from the previous models which had vintage film camera look . so since the xs-10 has more modern design with modern camera type grip , i guess fujifilm will not be releasing a silver version for it .it's my personal observation ! , but it would be nice if they release a silver ,since the design is not like vintage film camera ,they can make a full body silver color one ,which would look nice !
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    K PRETHVIRAJ got a reaction from CatsAreGods in XS10 EyeCup available?   
    check in this forum to see suggestions
    hope this helps . have a nice day ahead !
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    K PRETHVIRAJ got a reaction from Ned_Sayer in Shutter Button - Is this Normal?   
    it's defective piece . i suggest you to return and replace the camera !. hope this helps !. have a nice day ahead !
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to mainmanmike in Profiles and styles capture one for fuji xt-100   
    If you are looking software to edit film simulations for .raf files, use this:
    RAW FILE CONVERTER EX powered by SILKYPIX. It's free and can be downloaded from here: https://fujifilm-x.com/global/products/software/raw-file-converter-ex-powered-by-silkypix/
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    K PRETHVIRAJ got a reaction from CatsAreGods in AUTOFOCUS ON VINTAGE LENS !   
    I stumbled upon a youtube video from "make art now" ,he was showing the new "DJI LiDAR 3D focus system". , Which can be used to give vintage lens "autofocus" ability . So we can get the oldest and unique Lenses and use it for daily work or fun ,same way we use a lens with auto focus ! .it seems interesting to me and i thought it will be useful for everyone here , who likes some specific vintage lens but wasn't buying it because it doesn't have auto focus ! .
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to jerryy in Focus ring non-responsive   
    That lens does not have an aperture ring, the f-stop has to be changed using a different method.
    What you were seeing is because the lens is a variable aperture type that had its f-stop set using, probably, the auto setting from the body, As the zoom changed, the exposure changed and the camera reacted by changing the f-stop.
    This may help, I do not have a manual for the X-A3 handy, so I am not certain how to tell you to navigate all of the menus to find all of the setting that apply to aperture and exposure and dig out which one got changed to cause what you are seeing. Advising a full reset may fix the current issue, but not give you an idea about how to stop it from happening again.
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to jerryy in Focus ring non-responsive   
    this may help:
    That is from the X-T10 manual, but as I understand it, that applies for the other bodies as well.
    If you are using a lens with an aperture ring, then something else is happening.
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to jerryy in Focus ring non-responsive   
    Something else is going on ... The F number is telling you what the aperture setting is, not what the focus is. If you are using a lens without an aperture ring, you have to set the aperture ( F number ) by way of changing a menu setting, not by twisting the focus ring. Also, if you have the camera set to auto focus, twisting the focus ring will not do much.
    Which lens are you using?
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    K PRETHVIRAJ got a reaction from jlmphotos in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    wow , i wish i get successful like you too , i really want to take photography as a profession . my family business is stressful , but i just do photography as a hobby till now ,just because i love doing it , i wish it brings me revenue ,so i could do it always !. have a nice day !
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to Nottooquick in New Composition guidelines   
    I would really appreciate a firmware update adding golden ration, spiral and diagonals to the grid selection It would just take a few extra lines of code and obviously the user would not "have to" use the extra patterns.
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    K PRETHVIRAJ reacted to jlmphotos in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom   
    Lightroom Classic does provide for this now.  I, however switched to Capture One Pro (paid version), kicking and screaming over a year ago and I love it!  I fought myself over switching for the editing process for ever.  I still use Lightroom to catalog and for collections and only use C1Pro for my editing of the raw files.  The reason I switched over is because I saw the amazing difference between LR and C1Pro when processing the Fuji raw files.  After almost two years of editing in C1Pro I have it down to a science.  Each camera body has it's own sharpening algorithm setup so upon import in C1 the sharpening for that specific body is applied.  All I have to do then is tweak the files however I want.  As I said I fought against moving over for quite some time.  But then I downloaded the FREE Fuji version of C1 tried it and fell in love.  I then went out and bought the FULL Pro version because I decided to process my old(er) Nikon files, and my Mavic Pro DNG files through C1Pro and IMHO you can see the difference.
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