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  1. I'm going to throw in my two cents here. I have the Fuji GFX 50r and the 50MM pancake lens. This is a great street and general shooting 1-lens kit. As to the difference between FF and MF, I also agree with Jim, I see a difference in the color and resolution on screen (I have yet to print from my Fuji yet). A friend refers to this characteristic as the "special sauce," the combination of Fuji's sensor and lenses. Yes, I have FF Canon R6, the files are good, but there is a visual difference that to me looks richer with the 50r. The shot of Mano was taken with the 50MM lens on the 50r.
  2. I had the same experience and contacted Fuji, it is normal. This was also confirmed by a couple of other users. Not to worry.
  3. First still life shot with my new 50r. Dynamic range is wonderful.

    © ©Photo by Aboud Dweck

  4. I contacted Kipon and got an almost immediate response. I was told to use the dial on the camera to adjust the f stop. It turns out the front dial is programmable, but after choosing the option one wants - in this case F, the other two options must be turned off. Lo and behold, it works. The first lens I tried was the Canon pancake 40mm, next will be the Zeiss 25mm. It will be interesting to see what the coverage is on the sensor. Then I have a 50mm Schneider TS lens to try. This one has a huge image circle so it should cover easily. Aboud
  5. mart46, you are right. I got Fuji on the phone and the tech explained that there is no way to turn it off, however, if you are shooting raw, it only shows the effects on the LCD. Once the card is read by the computer, it is a normal raw image with no film simulation effect.
  6. Is there any way to turn off film simulation altogether? I've gone through the menu and manual, several times looking for a way to deactivate it and I only see reference to film simulation bracketing.
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