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    Back in the film days, folks also used burning, dodging, unsharp masking, multiple exposures, etc., etc. to manipulate the photos. There was a lot more done than just swishing the film strip and papers around in some smelly chemicals. That stuff was very intimidating to beginners.
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    Hillsideshortleg reacted to papedo in landscapes with fuji x   
    i do a lot of different photography and really enjoy all of them but my secret love is still landscape photography.
    as a former nikon user (still using it sometimes) i wasn´t completely sure about the landscape capabilities of the xtrans sensors. i read a lot about it and wasn´t aware, until a few days ago, that many users don´t like the rendering for landscapes.
    anyway i decided to buy a zeiss 12mm and adapt my 100mm filter system to it. and it works fine. let me know your experience for landscape. i´m actually using the x-e2 with xf23, zeiss touit 12mm, 55-200 & 18-55. i´m now considering a x-t1 because of tilt screen and weather sealing...
    sample with the 12mm lens
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    Hillsideshortleg reacted to CatsAreGods in 16-55 or 18-55 please help.   
    The IBIS works with OIS, and it works on its own as well. I've heard that the f2.8 version is much heavier and that could make your shake problem worse. Personally if those were my only choices I would go with the OIS version (in fact, I got the 16-80 with OIS).
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    The short story: Hi im Rick I was in a wreck and my head got banged around severely. My wife got a new car and I got a XT-4 to replace my Nikon D80. 
    I took my first pictures from an old brown box my mom got me about 55 years ago. It was a Brownie she picked up at a second hand store. I saved and bought a roll of film. Man I wish I still had those first images. Ive spent years just playing around taking pictures but mainly collecting old photograph negatives and learning how to make the prints off the negs I had collected. Some of the negatives were bigger than 8" x 10". It was pretty cool seeing what would come. My wife and I have got into boating and float around in our vintage cabin cruiser at night looking for the perfect shots. I didnt have patience for for fishing during the day but I am driven to learn how to use a camera and capture the beauty of the lake at night.  Christmas card pictures are also a highlight in my amateur photography. Oh and I fell in love with the vintage look of the XT-4 at first glance plus a Doc told me it would be good to challenge my mind to help it recover. I am on a high learning curve with a low attention span!!!!! LOL

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