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  1. When the camera enters power saving mode, the flash powers off. Pressing the shutter button doesn't, however, power the flash back on. Instead, the internal flash fires. Am I missing a setting in the menu (Internal Flash "on" or "off" has no effect)?
  2. Long time LR 6.14 user. Vowed to never subscribe. Until I got the Fujix100V. While C1 does a great job on the Fuji files, so does LR CC. With a bunch of newer Sony cameras,m Canon R files and the Fuji, LR is the place where they come all together. It was okay to convert to DNG for some of the newer models. But not having to do that is even better. I can edit in LR a lot quicker and with more precision than in C1 or any other editor. Fuji Film profiles are good - but not that important to me, anyway. If I want to use a profile, I convert in camera with Fuji's software. In particular for professional use where time is money, I think LR is still the best option.
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