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  1. Hello everyone. I must admit to being fairly new to Fuji. I have been using Olympus for a while but my Pen F has a problem so just before sending it to sick bay I bought a XF10 which is okay. I have been keeping an eye out for news of an XE4 as I might switch over to Fuji, for the larger sensor but do I really need to? The thing that might swing it either way is the dreadful Fujifilm app. I am pretty good when it comes to tech stuff but the app is useless. For starters, there are two menu sets in the settings for wireless comms. One of which just seems to turn on the wifi on the camera. I confused the issue somewhat by pairing both my iphone and my ipad to the camera. However, the app does not seem to be able to control or differentiate between Bluetooth or WiFi connections and there is no way on the app or the phone to control either. Is this just me or does anyone know how to make the app work?
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