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  1. What's the deal Fuji X Forum? I'm noticing there are seldom replies to any topics - except for advertisements posted as replies. Really lame. Anyone else noticing the only reply they receive to a question is an advert? 

    🤠 fotomatt in Colorado


  2. My X-Pro 2 is seeming warmer than ever when I'm shooting. I shoot professionally and this camera has given me lots of service, award-winning images and taken a fair amount of abuse. 

    I bought it minty-fresh, used two years ago. 

    I'm wondering if it's time to retire it and purchase a used one in as good of condition as I can find. 

    Anyone else experiencing this? At first I thought it might be the Wasabi batteries but last night it grew warm shooting with Fuji batteries. Just wondering if it's trying to tell me it's end is near. 

    I have absolutely no interest in the Pro 3. 

    ~ fotomatt in colorado


  3. "After many years of Fuji I know most settings by heart, but it took me a while."

    Agreed Herco! Fuji sent me an X-Pro 1 in 2012 when it was introduced and I immediately fell into a love/hate relationship that continues to this day (i'm thankful to say). It's the 🤬 menu system! As a pro Nikon shooter the menus in Fuji are horrendous and exhibit ZERO intuitiveness.

    Herco, I'm going to try emptying out My Menu to see if that helps. Besides that there is NOTHING of interest for me in My Menu. Two items I would most like:

    - Format
    - Sensor Clean

    As it is, if I format Slot #1 I have to start navigation from scratch to reach Format for Slot #2. And ditto on doing multiple sensor cleans.

    In my Nikon the menu returns to where ever I was last.


    Frustrated and still in love with my Pro 2...


  4. On 9/5/2016 at 9:07 AM, yankeeinlondon said:

    I've found that switching what card you're viewing in the "play menu" is not too hard and the two suggestions both work for me but I find that when I go back to shooting the change in the play menu has no effect and the camera seems to choose whichever one it favours (both in my case are essentially empty but I want to primarily use slot A for picture taking and B for backup)

    Yup...I tried this too and it went back to shooting on #2. As I mentioned, this occurred after I forgot to put card #1 in and shot to card #2. It's like it has now defaulted.



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