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  1. Just got the new X-S10. I don't think you have a forum for the X-s10 yet. Hopefully this is the right place to post. I'm confused about how autofocus works. I'm sure it is similar on all X models. Before I bought, I watched tons of videos on youtube about the X-S10 and when they tested the autofocus, they would walk away or towards the camera so you could see the focus adjust. Now that I got the camera, I'm baffled. (1) AutoFocus doesn't seem to happen automatically but you have to press the shutter button down halfway for it to focus. So I'm confused how the videos on youtube showed someone walking away or twoards the camera and it adjusted the focus automatically without pressing the shutter button halfway. How did they do this? (2) If you have to press the shutter button half way to focus, then how does one do a selfie? Hopefully someone can enlighten me on number (1) and (2) above. Thanks
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