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  1. I've been able to get the app working again by deleting everything and starting over. First, I turned off bluetooth on my xt4. Then, deleted all my camera's listed in app. Lastly, I deleted app and re-downloaded it. To connect: 1) I turn on camera wifi 2) change ipad wifi to camera 3) open app 4) click "Import images selected on app."
  2. I have found that the app spins during connection if I have card slot settings on raw/jpeg. If I set card slots to sequential, the app sees jpegs in card slot 1 and will connect. So it seems the app stalls if it doesn’t see jpg files in card slot 1. Would be cool if Fuji open sourced the app if they have limited funds to maintain it.
  3. Have you tried formatting the SD card in camera? I have noticed a brief black screen “storing” message after taking single shot. I do have clarity set on my film settings.
  4. I cannot get my new xt4 to connect to Fuji app for image transfer. I’ve used the app for many yrs with many different models. I’ve tried removing and reinstalling app. Deleted pairings. Re-paired. The app sees the camera and is added to camera list. I can even use the remote release function on the app. BUT I CANNOT get the app to connect to camera and display images for transfer. The app tries to connect but just spins. I’m using iPad 7th gen with iOS 14.2. Fuji xt4 with firmware 1.10.
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